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Can You Trust a Live Blackjack Dealer 100%?

Staff Writer 04/27/2017 Blog 63 views

Probably one thing that players fear the most are rigged games and dishonest live dealers– especially the skilled ones. Once the notion finds its way to your head, it is difficult to engage in a live session of online blackjack without asking yourself every now and then – am I being taken for a fool and cheated? The idea will be particularly persistent if you are in the midst of a losing streak – one lost wager after another will certainly not help the growing sensation of dread and the realization that you are possibly being swindled. Whether or not this is actually true, can be determined by the number of factors. The comforting truth is that you can in fact have faith in your live dealer, but only if you make the necessary precautions. These may seem time consuming and boring, but they will definitely protect you from being taken for a ride.

The Nature of Claims About Rigged Games

Just because a player has lost several hands in a row, should not put a casino’s reputation in stake. Let’s face it, this is not a good argument for the players to use as a basis of their claims about the dealer’s dishonesty. Blackjack is a game of skill, more than anything else – if a player is caught in a long losing streak, perhaps a strategy revision would be in order, rather than accusation that cannot be supported. If, however, you are convinced that there is something “fishy” about the dealer, there is a way of checking whether or not there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. All the information you could possibly need to verify your claims can be attained by tracking the game; it is not a fun job, therefore it is easily understandable why most people avoid doing it. In most cases, tracking the results of the previous hands will contribute to a casino’s guarantee of the game’s fairness.

For example, the most common way of conducting a blackjack fraud would be to remove a few of the Aces or Face cards – easy enough with the game variants that use 6 to 8 decks. Tracking would make this deceptions apparent and one would be rather quick to catch on.

Play Safe

There are and there always will be online casinos carrying out unfair practices and rigging their live dealer games. The only sure way to protect yourself is simple – always check the background and the users’  rating of every casino you come across. The largest names in the industry did not gain their reputation by stooping so low as to cheat their clientele. Even the games with a lower edge, such as blackjack, bring a substantial money turnover to casinos and therefore the risk of being blacklisted or even losing the licence is simply not worth while. Bottom line is that the players can place their confidence into the dealer’s hand for as long as they play with prominent establishments with a proven record of honouring their players; the stakes are high for such casinos and you can rest assured that you are their biggest asset.

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