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Common Blackjack Variants and Standard Rule Variations

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Besides poker, blackjack is a gambler’s favorite card game. From the classic version of 21 to the latest blackjack modalities with interesting side bets, the traditional casino gem still fulfills our hearts just as it fills up our pockets. One of the advantages of blackjack in comparison to other casino games is the flexibility of the game, its versatility and never-ending charm that keeps its qualities alive without creating too much of a distance between the original gameplay and newer, added elements. Still, each of the variants features its own personality and appeal, attracting millions of bettors worldwide every single day.

Classic Blackjack

The standard layout of a game of blackjack counts on a single deck of cards. The gameplay takes place between a dealer and a number of participants who compare their hands of cards after being dealt with two cards each. The only difference between the dealer’s hand and the others is one card dealt face-up. After they’ve been dealt their cards, the players have the chance to ask for one more card – a move called ‘hit’, but only if they land the right judgment about the sum value of their hand. The point of the game is not to cross the limit of 21, but definitely get as close to it as possible. Having a score of exactly 21 is the best case scenario, because that is known as an instant win, a ‘natural hand’ or simply – ‘blackjack’.

  • Blackjack Switch: The main distinction between traditional blackjack and the Switch version is the fact that the player is required to play two hands simultaneously. He/she needs to place equal stakes on both of the hands. Once dealt the cards, the player is allowed to switch one card from each hand with a card from the other.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack: One of the most entertaining takes on the game of blackjack, Double Exposure offers quite a jump-start to the players. The dealer’s cards are both dealt face-up, which makes a decision of the player’s next move considerably easier. But, the dealer wins all ties in Double Exposure Blackjack except in the situation when both the dealer and the player have blackjack hands. In that case, the player is paid out even money.
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs: This is a variant with a Perfect Pairs side bet. It results in a win if the player is dealt any pair of cards. From the perspective of payouts, suited pairs are typically worth higher payouts.

Things to Keep in Mind

Most of the blackjack variations available at land-based and online casinos use multiple decks of cards. The more decks in play, the worse are the odds for the player as the house advantage increases. You should also pay attention to the rule of the soft 17 in different blackjack variants, as well as doubling after splitting. One of the more common concerns is also the question on doubling down on certain hands and re-splitting.  Ultimately, casino visitors are always mindful of the payouts offered by alternate blackjack versions.

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