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High Stakes Blackjack Player? Then Why Not Tilt The Game A Bit In Your Favor!

Richard Marcus 07/11/2016 Blog 613 views

Casinos love high-stakes blackjack players.  And many high-stakes blackjack players love casinos. But there are some things these high-stakes players can do that will make them love casinos even more.

They can simply tilt the game more in their favor.

How can YOU do this?

First is the obvious that most of you know already: take advantage of casino comps to the max. This includes free rooms, food, drinks, shows, and even airfare if you´re a high enough high-stakes blackjack player.

Then there are the more the subtle ways to turn things your way.

One is that you can request your own private table, either in the VIP room of some casinos or on the main casino floor of others. Doing that will allow you to play without the distractions of other players and enhance your presence to casino bosses who will be that much faster to bestow all those lavish comps on you.

But if you have some other blackjack weapons besides being a high-stakes player, you can really take advantage—but you have to be careful not to blow it.

Let’s say you’re a high-stakes player who utilizes card-counting or some other form of advantage-play. By securing your own private table you can implement your advantage-play tactic to the max. You will see all the cards in the shoe in either your hand or the dealer’s, which means in a positive situation you can spread to as many hands on the table as you want and get all those favorable cards in your hands.

Of course the dealer might catch the aces and tens and wipe you out, but in the long-run you will have far the best of it.

But you must remember that when playing a private table you are under much more scrutiny and must do everything possible to camouflage your advantage-play.

Super-High-Stakes-Player Tactics to Turn the Tables

Many casinos offer special promotions to draw super high-stakes players to their blackjack players. Some will actually offer a player-discount on losses, meaning that for each X-amount of dollars you lose the casino will give you a percentage of the loss back. Others will alter their blackjack rules for you, mainly those concerning double-downs and splits, where they may let you do both on any two cards and then again after a third.

And for the monster high-stakes blackjack whales, casinos might do both, that is a discount on losses plus liberal rules in favor of the player.

Although these splendid offers have diminished substantially since a super high-stakes blackjack player named Don Johnson beat Atlantic City casinos out of $15 million, they are still available in many casinos throughout the world, especially in the US, Canada and Caribbean islands. The trick for you, as the high-stakes blackjack player, is to find a reasonable edge against your preferred casinos without being greedy.

Even if you don’t bust up the casinos like Mr. Johnson did, you ought to be able to play a pretty close to even game when not using advantage-play tactics, and a somewhat profitable one when using them along with whatever other deals you can negotiate with the casinos.

This article was written by former professional casino cheater, Richard Marcus. Richard Marcus is also the author of American Roulette, a controversial book that reveals how he and other professional cheaters ripped off casinos.

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