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How to Choose a Live Blackjack Table

Staff Writer 11/28/2017 Blog 41 views

When you get inside an online casino with an excellent live dealer offer, you may at first feel like a kid inside a candy shop – you want everything at once and you can hardly wait to start hitting the tables and test your Blackjack skills. A rich offer can on the other hand turn out to be a double edged sword, at least when the player is concerned.

Finding your way among numerous variants may at times seem quite overwhelming, and even if you spontaneously decide which table to join, there is always that nagging feeling in the back of your head telling you that you are missing out on something bigger and better happening at a different table – any table other than your own. This may come as a surprise for people suffering from FoMO syndrome, but choosing the perfect Blackjack table does not have to be a gruelling experience or a definite decision. Depending on your mood, gameplay style or budget, your choice can and will vary. Therefore, your final decision at any given moment, will depend on three factors:

  • Your inner motive – your motive for entering the game is the crucial factor of selecting the appropriate Blackjack table. Are you in it for the money, or are you looking to have some fun?
  • Personal preferences – do you enjoy fast pace games or are you into slow, methodical games with plenty of room to carefully consider your options and decide on your next move?
  • Budget and betting limits – often, the choice can be made for you, as some tables can be beyond your reach due to the high wagering limits, or (if you are one of the lucky ones), low limit tables will simply not be challenging enough.

Factor 1 – What do I want out of the game?

If your ultimate goal is to have some fun and engage in a social interaction with the fellow players and the dealers, simply look for the crowded tables and join them for at least a couple of minutes to sink in the atmosphere. Plenty of Live Tables grant limited access to the players without requesting the bet to placed first – this will give you a unique opportunity to check out how dynamic and fun the session really is, before deciding to stick around or finding a more suitable Blackjack table.

A lot of software developers and online casinos have recognized the demand for more active sessions, which resulted in custom Blackjack Party tables, designed specifically for those who enjoy the hubbub of land based casinos. These tables are not for everybody though, and if you feel overwhelmed by more than one dealer, live chat and ongoing small talk, Silent Blackjack tables will be the perfect refuge.

Hosted by only one dealer, Silent tables do not exclude the communication between the player and the dealer, but they are strictly game oriented and every comment is game related.

Factor 2  – Blackjack table dynamics

Some players like the adrenaline of fast paced games where the decisions have to be made quickly and lag time is reduced to the minimum. These types of tables are usually called “Speed Tables”, allowing the players to draw the moves without waiting their turn. This also means a much higher number of bets within a session, but it also implies having a full grasp of the Blackjack optimal strategy and rules. Alternatively, the same dynamics will be achieved at an empty table, as you will not have to wait for the dealer to deal to other players or wait for a player to draw the move.

If you are only just beginning to play Blackjack, it is recommendable to stick with standard-pace games, where a sufficient amount of time is provided for placing the bets and deciding on your next move.

Factor 3  – Budget limitations

The most glamorous tables are usually reserved for high rollers and VIP players – a perk that does not come without a price. If you are a recreational player on a strict budget, these tables will usually be beyond your reach, even if you play with betting minimums.

Fortunately, online casinos reward loyalty and modest balance players will have their chance to see how the other half lives – even if just for a limited amount of time.

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