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Multi-Edge Card Counting for Beginning Advantage Players

Richard Marcus 02/16/2016 Blog 1,001 views

Everyone interested in making money at blackjack has heard about card counting with all its variants and strategies. The problem is that casinos have heard about it too, and they’ve been combating it with the latest in surveillance equipment and card-counting-detection software for years now. They have succeeded in vastly reducing the number of card-counters who actually earn enough money to make it worth their while.

So what have advantage-players who want to keep card-counting profitable and simple done to revamp the art? Some have turned to a new form of it called “multi-edge counting” that lets them continue counting with almost the same 1.5 % edge against the house, while greatly increasing their camouflage which of course greatly reduces the casinos’ chances of catching on to them, which ultimately leads to being barred and the end of blackjack careers.

How Multi-Edge Counting Works

It functions the way it sounds. The key is that it allows you to attack the blackjack tables with multiple hands—but not in the way you might be thinking. Instead of the typical assault where players play multiple hands with an equal amount bet on each, they now bet an unequal amount on each hand to get to the desired total-bet amount.

For example, a player who’d just bet two hands at $50 per hand now has a favorable positive-count and wants to bet $200 and play the same two hands. Under normal card-counting he would play each hand at $100. But since this is uniform and an identical increase of both bets from his previous hands, the casino staff and card-counting detection software will pick up on this obvious increase and begin watching the subsequent play.

But what if the same player taking advantage of the positive count proceeded to bet the same $50 on one hand and increase the second-hand bet to $150? What this accomplishes is that it allows the counter to get the same amount of desired cash on the table but in a less obvious format. It does not matter which hand wins or loses because it all levels out in the long-run and the player will make his profit on the favorable situations.

Attacking the tables playing several hands while betting an unequal amount.

To key to Multi Edge Counting is to attack the tables playing several hands while betting an unequal amount.


Taking Your Multi-Edge to the Hilt

Even better than attacking with a two-handed tandem is spreading to three hands. This increases the camouflage effect even more. If your bet on each hand at a minus or neutral count had been $50 for a total of $150, then on a plus count you want to increase the total stake to $300, you can make your three bets $50, $75 and $175 respectively. You might want to make the biggest bet on hand-positions at which you´d won previously. That makes you appear as a normal player increasing his bet after a winning-hand and staying around the same amount with losing bets.

There are many ways to scramble around the bets, and doing so will create the image of a person who is NOT card-counting. This is because both casino personnel and card-counting-detection software keep track of hands individually. So a tracking here would produce a result of three different non-counting hands while in reality the three hands taken cumulatively were counting hands.

The ideal way to play this multi-edge advantage is in a team with three or more players sitting at different positions at the table. Playing in that fashion, the casino would have practically no chance of catching on to the card-counters. But even if you intelligently play this strategy alone, you will prosper.

This article was written by former professional casino cheater, Richard Marcus. Richard Marcus is also the author of American Roulette, a controversial book that reveals how he and other professional cheaters ripped off casinos.

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