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Oscar’s Grind Blackjack Betting System

Staff Writer 07/26/2017 Blog 164 views

If you are on a quest for the perfect betting system that will not only up your game but also make you the talk of the town and an absolute Blackjack legend, look no further – you journey ends right here, at least until someone develops a system that will surpass the 99.9% success rate of Oscar’s Grind Betting method.

Extremely popular among Blackjack players, the system was originally designed for the game of craps, and it represents a Positive Progression betting strategy introduced to a gambling scene by a craps player known as Oscar. According to some rumors, “Oscar” is actually an alias assumed by a group of players who took it upon themselves to perfect the system and make it suitable for those who are patient and disciplined enough to go after smaller but consistent winnings.

How to Implement Oscar’s Grind Betting System

Unlike some Negative Progression systems that are extremely complex to master, Positive Betting principles are much more easier to implement; most of all Oscar Grind, which not only falls under exceptionally efficient betting strategies but also has a rather straightforward and simple structure, making it a painless lesson to learn.

The system starts with the player betting the minimum unit. If the hand is successful and the player wins, the follow-up bet will be increased by the same amount (each increase is by one unit only) and the stake doubled. The losing hand, on the other hand, will not provoke any betting increase and the player will continue gambling the previous wager amount until the next winning hand.

The crucial element of Oscar Grind Betting System is setting the goal at winning only one betting unit and never going over. For example, if the Blackjack session had the following pattern (L being a losing hand and W a winning hand) the player is down one unit and the stake size is two units:

L – L – W– L – W – W – L – W  – L – L – W – L

Although the main principle of the system is to raise the bet during the winning streak, increasing the bet by three units would potentially result in the profit of two units, which disrupts the principles of Oscar Grind Betting system. At this point, the player has to make sure the profit does not go over one unit and the stake needs to be kept at only two units.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oscar Grind Betting System

The major advantage of Oscar Grind is the discipline and control, which in turn keeps your balance in check for prolonged time periods –  particularly useful when sitting at the Blackjack table. Losing a substantial amount of money is practically impossible with this strategy unless you are tempted to cheat the system and go for winnings over 1 unit.

On the other hand, time and patience that should be invested in Oscar Grind will not appeal to all Blackjack players. The payouts are moderate (unless you hit a long winning streak) and the pace is slow and steady. Even so, combining this particular strategy with card counting and other basic Blackjack tactics can produce hours of (profitable) fun, despite its low intensity and methodical approach.

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