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Pro Blackjack Tips

Staff Writer 02/12/2018 Blog 142 views

Being a game of skills and strategy, Blackjack is often preferred by the players who like to stay in control and introduce a certain system to their gameplay. If you are just discovering the vast strategic potential of Blackjack, you will be surprised to learn how understanding and implementation of even the most basic Blackjack tips can improve your results. Apart from the obvious and questionably controversial skills that you can develop, such as counting cards or shuffle tracking, following the tips below will have you playing blackjack like a pro in no time, without the danger of being blacklisted (or shall we say Ben Afflecked) by a casino.

#Do not skip steps – start from scratch

Every experienced Blackjack player will agree on this – rushing will get you nowhere. Before you decide to take on a casino and impress the dealer and your fellow players with high stakes, thorough understanding of Blackjack rules and strategy chart is in order. Nothing will protect you from losing a few hands here and there, so do not take personal offence in a natural course of things and keep playing by the rules. Pretty much everything you need to know about decent Blackjack gameplay is covered in the basic strategy rulebook and you just have to abide by it, even if it means making your mind visualize the chart every time you are at the Blackjack table.

Learning when to Split, Stand, Hit or Double Down will significantly increase your winning odds and decrease the house edge to the point of almost completely eliminating it. For example, the player should always Double Down on Ace or 9.

In most cases, Doubling Down will depend on the dealer’s hole card, which makes this part of the strategy a bit tricky, but extremely useful once you’ve managed to figure it out.

#Be careful of high limits

If you are an average Joe with a limited gambling budget, tables with high minimum wagers should not even be considered, let alone played at. There is only so much that luck and strategic approach can do and high stakes can lead to a bust before you even manage to warm up. For those of you who are fortunate enough not to worry about money, this rule may seem irrelevant, but any amount is bound to quickly vanish into thin air if you are a reckless gambler.

#Know what to avoid – stay clear from 6:5 payout games and Insurance option

This is a very simple rule – when you see that the Blackjack game offers a 6:5 payout, run the other way. Blackjack games with this payout rate are extremely unfavourable for the player, as they offer only $12 win on a $10 bet – unlike 3:2 Blackjack variance that pays $15 on the same betting amount.

Another trick a casino may be using to increase their edge is Insurance. The odds of the dealer actually getting a Blackjack hand are 9:4 against this particular outcome, so it is obvious that numbers, in this case, are not on your side if you decide to take the Insurance bet.

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