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Spanish 21: How to Play and Win

Staff Writer 10/11/2017 Blog 20 views

Table bettors who love blackjack but crave an exciting variation of the popular card game should seriously consider trying Spanish 21. This exciting blackjack modality is can be found online, offering good payouts and several little twists to the standard gameplay. Insisting on a game with a low house edge still stands, but there is a change in pace, and a lot of online bettors have grown to love the thrilling Spanish 21 game.

For an alternative to the classic game of blackjack, Spanish 21 comes with a well-balanced set of rules; some are favorable for the dealer, while others favor the player. There could be different rule modifications at different casino venues, but it never stops being a challenging blackjack variant providing a long-lasting casino experience.

About Spanish 21

The game, also known as Pirate 21, got its name from the decks used. It can be played with one, six or eight decks of cards, but they won’t be regular decks with 52 cards. Instead, Spanish 21 uses Spanish decks which have all the tens taken out. Now, before you start panicking, you should know that these circumstances do upper the house edge and favor the casino more then they favor you, it is true – but, Spanish 21 comes with a set of perks for the player like no other blackjack variant.

The house advantage in games of Spanish 21 ranges from 0.40%, when dealer stands on soft 17, across 0.42%, when dealer hits on soft 17 hands and redoubling is an allowed option, to 0.76% when dealer hits on soft 17 hands and redoubling is not an active option.

Player-Friendly Rules

Spanish 21 has a set of common rules that have stuck since the classic game, but the modifications made are good for the player and should be used to his/her advantage. First, you need to know them in order to make use of them. One of the best things about Spanish 21 is that player’s blackjack hand always wins. Every total of 21 wins, and it can even involve only 2 cards. The double is available on any cards, even after a split. After splitting Aces, players can draw several cards. There are also bonus payouts to look forward to for 5-card 21’s.

Advice for Increasing One’s Odds at Spanish 21

When playing Spanish 21, it is important to do some things as you would when playing any other blackjack game. Spanish 21 has an attractive side bet, Match the Dealer, and we know side bets are rarely profitable. This is the case with Match the Dealer – it should be avoided, if possible, in order to better the chances of winning.

Another meaningful device for those who wish to better their Spanish 21 game is – study the charts and use basic strategy. Due to the tens being discarded from the main deck, a regular blackjack strategy will differ from one devised for Spanish 21 specifically. It is advised not to draw for the bonus payouts and not overuse the surrender option, as well as to make use of the lower risk of busting. If you stick to a basic strategy and manage your funds well, you will surely be on top of Spanish 21 and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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