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Stadium Blackjack Explained

Staff Writer 03/26/2018 Blog 80 views

If you really do enjoy a challenging hand of Blackjack, but you could do with a little bit of action and a more intensive gaming experience, you are ready to try Stadium Blackjack, a groundbreaking variant that allows 44 players to compete against the dealer at the same time, through an interactive gaming platform. What makes Stadium Blackjack worth playing is the sense of camaraderie and team play experience since all the players start the session with the exact same hand.


Once you and your newly formed Blackjack posse take your seats on the Stadium and place your initial bets, the Dealer starts by drawing three cards – two for the players and one for himself. Traditionally, the players continue with one of the following options: Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split.

Since the dealt hands are the same but the decision-making process is independent, an additional card category is introduced, the so-called Community cards. These are distributed to the players until the “consensus” is reached and all the players (excluding the players that busted) decide to Stand. At that point, an extra Community card will be added to the Dealer’s hand and all other participants hands will be “locked”.

Illustrating that with an example, let us assume that the entire group of Stadium Blackjack players has a hand of face cards and the dealer has a 5. In this case, the majority, if not all 44 players, will decide to stand, although, in theory, you can decide to split your hand as you are in no way obligated to follow the crowd.  The moment all the players agree on standing, the Dealer will take an extra card and if it results in a bust, everybody wins, bonded over the joint success.


In essence, Stadium Blackjack does not deviate from its traditional form, though it does give every player on the terminal the exact same starting point. What you do with it is your own business, but the sense of social gathering and team effort practically triples the fun.

Another great thing about Stadium Blackjack is that it comes with low table minimums, which is pretty logical when you think about it, since it would be rather difficult to find 44 high rollers, gathered on the same spot at the same time?

And, since your hand is automatically added by the software, the pressure of accurately calculating the value of your cards is eliminated, so you needn’t be worried about the presence of so many fellow players breaking your concentration, causing you to mess up your count.


People who are not accustomed to speed play consider the fast pace of Stadium Blackjack the main drawback of the game, though the dynamics and the rate at which the cards are dealt can also be counted as an advantage.

Experienced players will, however, agree that Stadium Blackjack 6 to 5 payout odd is a much more serious “defect”, together with the frequent and automatized card shuffling system, making the use of any forbidden strategy virtually impossible.

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