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Card counting is one of the great tools that can be used at the blackjack table and with the KISS system, even beginner players can quickly learn how to count cards and increase their chances of being a winner. The KISS counting system is an unbalanced system that is easy to learn and apply. This system makes use of a running count instead of a true count, so it is easier to use than more advanced systems.

KISS, which stands for Keep it Short and Simple, is a system that can be learned fast and can immediately benefit players who enjoy the game of blackjack. To keep the system simple, it eliminates 50% of the cards from the count, so there is not as much math involved, making it a perfect card counting choice for beginners and casual players.

How to Use the KISS System

When using the KISS system, players will only count picture cards and those that are between 3 and 6. The two card will play an important role in counting. When a black 2 is dealt, players will add 1 and when it is a red 2, they will count 0. The system eliminated the step of having to calculate true counts and enables players to quickly determine remaining cards and make the right decisions when betting. The KISS count will begin with a positive number and from there, players will add or subtract the count for each card that is in play. When the count rises to a certain point, players will have an advantage and should consider increasing the bet amount so they can win more from the hands being played.

The Count of Cards

Unlike many other card counting systems where all cards in the deck have a value, the KISS system eliminates many cards, making it easier to count and figure a running count for the game. When playing with fewer decks, this system becomes more efficient, so players using the KISS system should seek out games that use the fewest decks. A single deck game is a perfect selection for the KISS system, though these are difficult to find in land casinos.

Black 2/ Red 2 4 5 6 J Q K
+1/0 +1 +1 +1 -1 -1 -1

Using these counts, players can track cards that have been played from one hand to another and will have a great benefit. If the count reaches 20 or more, it is time to increase the bet amount. Using the KISS system will offer players a 0.48% edge in the game. While this is not as high as some other card counting systems, it is enough to create the opportunity to win more by knowing when to increase bet amounts.

Benefits of KISS

Since this system is designed to be fast and simple, it can be used by beginner card counters. There is not much math involved since half of the cards are not used for the count. By simply adding and subtracting values, players can come up with a running count that will tell them when the remaining cards will favour the player or the dealer. The KISS system is a non-balanced system that will allow players to count cards without having to divide running counts by remaining decks to determine the current advantage.

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