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How the Dealer Plays

If you are familiar with casino blackjack then you know that there are certain rules that pertain to the dealer, directing his or her every move in the game. If the dealer’s hand is worth 16 or less then they must always hit. If their hand is worth hard 17 or higher they must always stand. Whether or not they hit or stand on soft 17 varies from casino to casino. However, just because the dealer’s rules are predetermined doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a hard job.

The blackjack dealer must deal with the money, make sure that all the players adhere to the rules and keep the table running smoothly. Becoming a blackjack dealer requires the ability to count quickly and to have good math skills, as the dealer must calculate each player’s hand at a glance and manage the money at the table. Additionally, having good people skills is imperative as a blackjack dealer, as the same people can sit at a table for hours on end.

Additionally, blackjack dealers have to be good at avoiding tells. The dealer, without a doubt, knows the best move for a player to make in every situation-after all, the dealer spends enough time at the blackjack table to know what works and what doesn’t. Dealers have to be careful when peeking for blackjack that they don’t give away their hand.

Most land casinos require that all of their blackjack dealers attend a casino school, where they learn everything there is to know about dealing at a blackjack table. Some casinos offer their own schools in house. Others require that you get training from an outside source. If you are interested in becoming a blackjack dealer, know that it can be a tough but rewarding job.

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