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Blackjack UK
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Blackjack UK
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Blackjack UK

As one of the most popular and widely spread table games, Blackjack often deviates according to the region and even continent. The most general division of Blackjack is into two main styles, American and European, with a subdivision that includes different forms of Blackjack within a particular region. Therefore, American Blackjack is further categorised into Vegas and Atlantic City styles, while European form differs from the UK variant.

Game Rules & Features

The objective of the game in Playtech UK Blackjack is the same – getting as close as possible to 21 without busting or having a lower card value than the dealer. Splitting is allowed up to four hands with the exception of the following pairs: 4, 5 and 10. Pair splitting can be followed by doubling, but only when the total amounts to 9, 10 or 11. Insurance move is restricted and the players can only use it if they hold a Blackjack hand. Combination of Ace and 10 counts as Blackjack and carries a value of 1.5x original stake. The dealer is required to hit on 16 and stand on 17.

Payouts & RTP

Blackjack UK has a standardised payout table – 1:1 for a regular hand, 2:1 on an insurance wager and 3:2 on a Blackjack hand. The Playtech release comes with the minimum $1.00 wager requirement, and $10,000 max bet on all betting fields. Theoretical return to player is estimated at 99.47%.

Recommended Tips

If you are acquainted with the basic rules, certain strategies such as hitting with hands lower than 12 will be a breeze to remember. This rule will of course depend on the circumstances. Logic commands that the player stands on hands over 16, however, that will depend on the dealer's upcard. If for example, your total is 18 and the dealer has 9 or 10, you should hit, or stand if your total is again 18 and the dealer has 2, 7, 8 or Ace. Aces and 8s should be split into two different hands, while 10s should be kept.

Playtech Blackjack UK Summary

Those of you who have a certain amount of experience when it comes to Blackjack, will have no problems with the UK version. One thing that may bother you at first is the fact that you cannot double on hands with 9-11 totals. Of course, once the adaptation period is over, you will find that there is no fundamental difference between this and other Blackjacks variants.

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