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Play Super Fun 21 Blackjack for Fun

Super Fun 21 Blackjack
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Super Fun 21 Blackjack
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Super Fun 21 Blackjack

There is no stopping Microgaming, known as one of the most prolific online blackjack developers. With their Super Fun 21 release, they once again reward the blackjack lovers with classic and elegant simplicity combined with a bonus paytable for Diamond Blackjack as well as five and six hand combos.

Game Rules and Features

Super Fun 21 is a single-hand American Hole card game, played with one card deck. The player places the bet and follows up with a Hit, Stand, Double and Surrender options, which are available on any two cards. Doubling is possible even after splitting the same denomination cards. Re-splitting Aces is allowed, as well as surrendering the round after you have already doubled down. Dealer has to hit on soft 17 and the player can go for the insurance bet when the upcard is an Ace.

Bonus rules pertain to Blackjack hand in diamonds and specific five and six card combinations with totals of 21, 20 or less. The extra payouts cannot be applied after the player uses the double down move.

Payouts & RTP

The minimum bet a player can place is $1 and the limit is $1,000, with a little lower RTP of 99.10%. Standard and Blackjack hands have 1:1 payout ratio and the insurance win pays 2:1. The same ratio comes with Diamond Blackjack and 5 + cards with 21 totals. Six cards with the total of 20 or lower pay even (1:1).

Recommended Tips

Super Fun 21 comes with a higher risk, since it prompts the player to go for a six-card hand without busting. The basic strategy will therefore be divided to 2 Card, 3 Card, 4 Card and 5 Card sub-strategies which will progress as the cards are drawn. This basically means that the player will sometimes hit even on higher value hands as the strategy progresses from 2 Card to 3, 4 and 5 Card strategy. On the last, 5 Card strategy, the player can even hit on hard 17, if the dealer's card is 9, 10 or Ace.

Microgaming Super Fun 21 Blackjack Summary

Excellent blackjack variant that allows the players to practice and acquire an entire new set of strategic skills. Microgaming leaves the choice to the player – play a straightforward one hand blackjack using the basic tactics or have some fun and go straight for the bonus five and six card combinations with 2x bet value payouts.

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