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Online Blackjack on iPhone

iPhone is the one Smartphone that has actually set the standards for the entire Smartphone technology. Not only that, the first casino app was released for iPhones first, and then for the rest of the Smartphones that we use today. With its iOS, the iPhone is a perfect platform for playing casino games, most of all blackjack.

Why is the iPhone perfect for installing casino apps and playing blackjack? Because unlike Android Smartphones, the iPhone is a longer standing piece of technology that has a faster and better performing hardware, which will never freeze your favorite app.

What Are Blackjack Apps?

Blackjack apps are gaming applications that are designed to provide a seamless performance and unique gaming experience for the users of iPhones. Instead of using a casino’s website to play blackjack, which can be cumbersome and unattractive, you can just install the casino application and download the blackjack game made available by the respective casino. It’s simple: with the app you will get the best of the game offered. All blackjack apps out there support the latest iPhone 4 and 5 series, and if you have these iPhone models, even better for you.

Why Play Blackjack on Your iPhone?

Simply because it beats playing from your home or office fixed to your desk and chair. Because the graphics are awesome and the touch-screen experience makes for a hell-of-a-fun game play, compared to using your mouse. Here are other important aspects:

Play On the Go

Convenience is the first and most obvious reason why you should play blackjack on your iPhone. Many of you are unable to visit a real-life casino or to stay at home in front of your computer to play a couple of blackjack rounds. With a blackjack app you can play anywhere you want, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Practice Card Counting with iPhone Apps

Another benefit of using your iPhone for blackjack is the fact that there are lots of card counting apps for iPhones out there. So, if you are into a little harmless card counting without the need to perform the counting yourself, just install a card counting app and be ready for winning some extra cash. Some of these card counting apps have full tutorials on card counting, practice modes for refining your card counting skills, references etc.

Excellent Graphics

The most attracting thing in a blackjack app is the fact that the screen is not disarranged, but every detail falls in perfectly. Most of all, the high performance of an iPhone and excellent graphics will blow you away.

Awesome Game Play

Another appeal to playing blackjack on your iPhone is the game play it offers. It beats playing with your mouse at any time. You have a free and sleeker movement of the controls using just your fingers, and you actually touch the cards, which can add to a more realistic feel.

Who Offers Blackjack for iPhones Online?

Online casinos have quickly picked up on the hype surrounding the iPhone and have massively released iPhone apps, which they still do by updating the existing ones. Some of them have weak apps, some of them have average, but there are a certain number of reputable casinos that have released quite great apps.

Such app is the one released by Euro Palace Casino. This app is compatible with any iPhone model, and even for iPad tablet. Moreover, the casino gives away a bonus of €/£/$500 free to any new player registering and depositing for the first time.

Another great app recommended by many players is the one by 888 Casino. This app has received many positive customer reviews, and includes €140 welcome bonus. All you have to do is to scan the QR code on the casino’s website in order to get a download link of the app, or just to enter your email.

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