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Blackjack Betting

In a World Full of Betting Options, Blackjack still rises to the Top

Gaming has literally been around for millenniums, with our ancient ancestors playing rudimentary games of chance. So betting has had plenty of time to evolve, which has led to a near-endless variety of casino games. And through all of this, one game that’s truly stood out over time is blackjack. That said, let’s take a quick look at how blackjack compares to other forms of betting and why it’s so popular.

King of Casino Games

When people are looking for casino games to play, one of their first stops is often the blackjack table. A big reason why is because it features one of the lowest house edges in all of gaming. Those who use optimal strategy can normally expect to lower the house advantage to just 0.5%. Now there are plenty of other casino games that offer a low edge, but video poker is about the only other game that can match blackjack in this department.

Another point that people love about blackjack is the stimulating strategy it offers. Unlike some games such as baccarat, keno, roulette and slots, where there’s not much strategy at all, blackjack really challenges players. So those who don’t just want to rely on luck for everything truly embrace this game.

Blackjack vs. No House Edge Games

As mentioned before, blackjack features an extremely low house edge. In fact, the game is nearly an even money bet with casinos when proper strategy is used. But nevertheless, there is a house edge present so players need some luck to win money.

This is in contrast to other forms of betting like poker and sports betting, where people can earn long-term profits if they’re good enough. For example, an NFL bettor who can win over 52.4% of their bets is going to come out on top after the house juice is factored into the equation. The same thing goes for NBA betting or any other type of sports betting too.

Poker is in the same boat because skilled players who beat their counterparts a majority of the time will be raking in profits. But with poker or sports betting, you also have to consider that most people aren’t going to win long-term money. Instead, somewhere around 10-15% of players will earn profits while many others are destined to lose money.

So when you consider blackjack’s 0.5% house edge, this is actually a slimmer edge than what the average poker player or sports bettor will see.

Learn some Strategy and start playing!

If you’re interested in having one of the best opportunities to make money in gaming, blackjack is definitely worth trying. And what’s nice is that the strategy isn’t as daunting as it might initially appear.

Blackjack strategy cards are readily available, and these document all of the different moves you need to make to achieve the lowest possible house advantage. Assuming you’re feeling like more of a challenge, you can eventually get rid of the strategy card and just make decisions based on your own knowledge.

Once again, if you want a great opportunity to make money in gaming, give blackjack a chance at either a land-based or online casino.

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