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Blackjack Cheating

When most people hear the phrase “Blackjack Cheating” the first thing that comes to mind is card counting. However, the truth of the matter is that card counting is not cheating at all-it’s perfectly legal. Casinos don’t like when player count cards, as it is a great strategy that significantly lowers the house edge, and the casino does reserve the right to ask a player suspected of card counting to leave the table. But when we talk about cheating in blackjack it is not counting cards that we are referring to. Real blackjack cheating involves illegal methods, and if the casino catches you cheating you will be in a lot of trouble that may also lead to jail time. That being said, the following are methods that blackjack cheaters use, though you are better off avoiding them at all costs.

Marking cards is one of the methods that blackjack cheaters have been known to use. By marking the cards in some way (for instance, using fingernails to scratch the cards), a player can figure out what the dealer’s face down card is if it appears with a scratch later on in the game. Of course, this method doesn’t work wonders, as there are often many decks in play and it can take a long time for a scratched card to resurface.

Really masterful cheaters have been known to switch the cards in their hand when the dealer isn’t looking. Keep a card up your sleeve and quickly, before anyone notices, replace one of the cards in your hand with the card you have up your sleeve. This method is especially difficult, as dealers are trained to be highly observant and there are cameras all over live casinos as well.

The aforementioned cheating methods are extremely hard to employ without getting caught because part of the blackjack dealer’s job is to prevent these types of tactics. Some cheaters have been known to bribe the dealer. However, your chances of finding a dealer willing to take a bribe are few and far between.

It is important to note that most cheating methods are only relevant in land based casino blackjack play. When you play online you obviously cannot change or mark your cards. Even card counting is obsolete in many online blackjack games where shuffling take place immediately after each round of the game.

In short, though there are methods for cheating in blackjack it is best to avoid them at all costs. Your chances of success are far less than your chances of being caught and suffering the consequences. As they say, cheaters never win.

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