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Blackjack Strategy

Strategy Guide for Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most played games at any casino and players who wish to step up to the table will benefit from using blackjack strategies. A strategy is a method used when betting real money and playing a certain game and the use of a strategy can greatly improve the chances of winning.

Here, we examine the top benefits of using blackjack strategies and discuss how players of all levels can benefit from using such strategies when they are playing any variation of blackjack.

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Some players feel that blackjack is a game of chance and there is no way to alter the outcome of the game. This is not true at all. By using strategies, players can affect how the game is played out and can drastically increase the chances of winning more hands. The strategy section we offer will introduce players to different strategies that are often seen at the blackjack tables and will provide players with information on how these strategies work and how they can make anyone a better blackjack player.

Why a Blackjack Strategy is Important

Many players make the mistake of just sitting in at a blackjack table with no experience and no idea of how a basic strategy is used. These players are just playing a casual game and will most likely not win many hands. A blackjack strategy is important for any player that wishes to win returns on their bets and become a better player overall. Having a good strategy in place is essential to be a successful player. There are different strategies that can be used and it will be up to the player to choose the one they feel is most beneficial, but no matter what level of experience the player may be, it is important to always have a strategy in place.

  • Using a blackjack strategy will reduce the house edge.
  • Blackjack strategies can be altered to suit the needs of the player.
  • Basic strategies are used by most blackjack players to increase the chances of winning.
  • The basic strategy works because dealers are restricted in regards to what they can do.

Card Counting

The most serious blackjack players will not be satisfied using a basic blackjack strategy to reduce the house edge. They will want to use additional strategies that give them the greatest advantage, such as card counting. Since there are a certain number of cards used in every blackjack game, it is possible for players to track cards so they know whether the remaining cards contain more 10s. Card counters will wager more money when they know the shoe contains fewer lower valued cards. Card counting is not as difficult as some players may think and with some practice, any player can master this skill and employ it when playing blackjack. It is basically a method of tracking the cards that have already been played and are currently in play at the table.

There are various card counting systems that can be used, including Hi-Lo, Red 7, KISS and Knock Out. Each of these differ slightly and players may wish to test out various card counting methods to determine which is the easiest to use and which offers the best chances of winning more hands.

Bad Blackjack Strategies

Many people play blackjack, but not every player will play well. The worst thing for players to do is to make use of bad strategies they think will help them win. In fact, bad strategies will help players lose more hands. There are some common bad strategies that are used and these should always be avoided by any player.

  • Playing like the dealer – Since most players assume the dealer has the advantage over players, they will choose to play the game just like the dealer does. This means the player will always stand on 17 and will never double or split hands. It also means they will always lose to any natural blackjack.
  • Never Bust – This is a strategy where players try to never bust. Players will know how often the average player busts and will do everything possible to avoid this, including standing on low valued hands. This strategy will raise the house edge by almost 4%.
  • Assuming the Hole Card is a 10 – It is tempting for players to think the hole card is always a 10, but this is not a correct assumption and is one that can lead to many losses. The percentage that the hole card is a 10 is lower than 50%, so avoid using this bad strategy.
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