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Bet Behind Live Blackjack Explained

Staff Writer 01/07/2018 Blog 1,632 views

Blackjack, or 21, is a classic card game known all around the world. Available in practically every casino across the globe and across the web, blackjack is the ultimate gambling experience, a perfect demonstration of the skill and thrill combined. Live blackjack is the latest craze, a completely new concept of playing blackjack from the comfort of your home while experiencing a real-life casino atmosphere.

Live blackjack is possible due to advanced live streaming technology and as a result bettors can participate through their computers while the game is taking place miles away in a studio. The broadcast is live on their computer, tablet or smartphone screens and everything in it is real – the cards, the dealer and the table. There’s no software and no imagination required. Just like virtual blackjack versions and variations played in land-based venues, the live blackjack portfolio adds new side bets and interesting features to existing games on a regular basis to keep things even more interesting. The Bet Behind option caught our eye. What is Bet Behind and how does it Work? Let’s find out!

Bet Behind Basics

After grasping the game rules and learning basic strategy, you can start exploring other ways to improve your chances of winning. The Bet Behind option is a unique feature in Live Blackjack that opens up some interesting possibilities you may have never thought about before. If you want to play Live Blackjack and there are no seats available, the Bet Behind still makes it possible for you to play! As you wait for one of the seven seats to become free, you are allowed to place a bet on another player’s hand – you can bet behind him.

In order to be successful in placing the Bet Behind wagers you should pay attention which player’s hand you’re betting on.  It’s best to Bet Behind on ‘hot’ and high-achieving players which will be highlighted. Take a look at their past rounds and how many of them have they won. As for payouts, you can count on standard payout ratios when you’re using Bet Behind. The expected 1 to 1 payout ratio is still active during gameplay and also the blackjack (when the first two cards total 21 and the player wins) 3 to 2 payout odds, so in that sense, nothing changes with Bet Behind. If there is anything you wish to alter about your Bet Behind settings you can do it in a designated section called “Bet Behind Options”.

The Bet Behind is great for new and inexperienced players as they can learn a lot by observing other players and place low stakes bets and still participate. The number of Bet Behind bets is limitless, so you can play like this for as long as you like. The Bet Behind is normally still available even if you acquire one of the main seats later in the game. It becomes a regular side bet that you can choose to make use of any time you want.

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