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Blackjack Player Types: What Type Are You?

Staff Writer 11/15/2018 Blog 0 views

Playing Blackjack can be simple fun for some gamblers, while others spend years to master different strategies. Based on playing style, Blackjack players can be classified under certain types. Although this classification is not fixed, it can be applied to fellow players we meet at land-based or online live casinos. Stay with us to learn more about Blackjack types and find out if you fall under any of these categories.

Social Players

Players that can be recognised as social are those that like playing Blackjack for fun. For them, playing the game is all about going out and socializing with other players. We can also call them Blackjack enthusiasts since they do not spend their time learning complex strategies or systems. They simply want to have fun.

You will recognize them by the way they place their bets and making inconsistent moves most of the time. Without much thinking, they make moves based on a gut feeling. They don’t care about strategies that can lower the house edge. Instead, they are happy that they participate in the game of Blackjack without worrying about its outcome. They make up the largest group among Blackjack players and in most cases, they end up losing all money.


It is important to note that social players and beginners are two different groups of Blackjack players. While the former ones don’t consider improving their skills, the latter are those players who lack in confidence. They are new to this form of entertainment and they are not quite sure what they should do at the table. That’s why they may look like they are nervous, which they probably are.

Making up the biggest group, right after social players, beginners can evolve into some other type if they are willing to learn and practice. If you are a beginner, you should learn the etiquette at a Blackjack table, rules and over time you will start honing your skills. This will make you more confident and eventually, you can become one of the following Blackjack player types.

Mathematical Players

It’s all about probability and odds when it comes to casino games and mathematical players are aware of it. They take advantage of different strategies and systems to make the most of playing Blackjack and beat the dealer. This type of players will be focused on the action at the table and make their decisions and moves carefully based on statistics.

One in ten Blackjack players can be a mathematical mind. You will recognize them by well thought out moves. They make logical decisions like those when to hit, stand or split. Doubling up a bet after winning is another move that can tell you that a fellow player is a mathematical thinker.

Card Counters

If you notice a player that needs more time to make a move, that is probably a card counter. They are focused on the gameplay which makes them look serious. It takes time to master the skill of card counting and applying this system to the gameplay requires patience and attention. Card counters may seem detached from the table and typically don’t get involved in a conversation.

However, card counters are not professional Blackjack players. They make up only 1% or 2% of Blackjack players. When it comes to betting, they may play higher stakes although their bankroll is limited. If you meet a card counter, don’t try to talk to them at the table. They can lose a card count and get infuriated about it.


Blackjack professionals are those players who make living playing this game. They are discreet and typically play short sessions. Professional Blackjack players are rare and in most cases, they win. That’s the main reason they have come to play. They have all it takes to be successful yet they try to stay unnoticed as they don’t want to draw the attention of the casino staff. Only one in 1,000 Blackjack players is a professional. If you spot a player that is fully concentrated on the gameplay, wins and leaves the table in an hour or so, you have just met a professional Blackjack player.


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