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Blackjack Training Drills

Staff Writer 11/22/2021 Blog 7 views


We often stress the importance of blackjack training if you want to become good at it. Even basic blackjack strategy takes a while to memorize – let alone optimal plays and skills such as card counting.

However, getting some practice can be tough in a gambling game. Especially if you don’t want to blow through real cash while bumbling as a beginner. Practice is essential. But there are definitely more efficient ways to train yourself than losing over and over again.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get good at blackjack with training drills.

Count Cards on Your Own

Card counting in blackjack is arguably the most skill-intensive part of the game. Especially if you want to get actually good at it. However, if you’re just starting out, it can seem impossible to practice card counting. At this early point, you’re probably struggling with memorizing winning blackjack charts. Trying to juggle that with counting cards seems almost impossible.

That’s why you can just isolate these two skills and take them on one at a time. All you need to practice blackjack card counting is a simple, standard deck of playing cards. Just go through the deck as fast as possible and keep a running count in your head. Add +1 for cards under 6, and subtract -1 for 10+ value cards. 6-9 cards count as 0.

If you end up with 0 at the end of the deck, congratulations – your running count is on point.

Eventually, you should be able to count through an entire deck in under 30 seconds. This is a fundamental skill that will serve you well throughout your blackjack career.

Moreover, this blackjack training drill is quite fast, easy, and convenient. You can do it almost anytime, anyplace, and it with almost no requirements or set-up.

Play Blackjack Online for Free

This one might seem obvious, but many players avoid it. Why? Well, blackjack is a gambling game at heart. Removing any stakes removes most of the excitement, too. Just hitting and hitting can get tedious after a while if you’re not winning or losing.

However, with the multitude of free blackjack games available these days, wasting money on practice is simply a waste. Sure, it may not be as fun, but you have to learn to walk before you run.

Just think about the long-term and keep working at it – that’s the only way you’ll ever actually have a winning blackjack strategy. Reading about blackjack statistics is great and all, but implementing what you know is another matter entirely. The only way to learn how to put blackjack strategies to us is to, well, put them to use.

Back Counting and Playing

One major issue with blackjack training  is that it’s often done in an isolated environment. Rookies often drill their basic blackjack strategies over and over again, complete with card counting. However, as soon as they sit down at an actual blackjack table, juggling all those cards suddenly isn’t so easy.

If you got the previous drills up to a solid level, it’s time to try out back counting. Go to a brick-and-mortar casino, find an empty table, and just watch. Count the cards for the players at the table, and you’ll get some real-world practice without risking a dollar. Moreover, once you’ve got some confidence, you can analyze the other players’ moves. Are they playing according to basic blackjack strategy? Are they making mistakes? What would you have done differently to optimize returns? Consider all of these things from the safety of simply observing a blackjack table.

This strategy drill is quite viable for live dealer blackjack, too. Just pick any classic 7-seat table and observe what the other players are doing.

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