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Playing hunches in Blackjack

Following Hunches in Blackjack: Does It Work?

Staff Writer 07/11/2019 Blog 67 views

There are not many casino games where your skills can actually help you get an advantage over the house. Luckily, Blackjack is one of them and on our gaming portal you can learn a lot about techniques and strategies you can use to reduce the house edge. One of the key pieces of advice about the game of the Blackjack is to use the basic strategy for the variant you play. However, some players tend to diverge from it and play hunches instead. Should you follow your gut at a Blackjack table or is such behaviour the biggest ‘no-no’? If you have any doubts about following hunches in Blackjack, we got you covered!

Blackjack Is All About Decision Making

Making decisions in Blackjack can turn you into a winner or loser. First, you need to choose a game variant you will play. From the moment you join the table, you need to make a decision about how much you will wager or whether you will play side bets. Once you receive cards, you need to make further decisions: would you stand or hit, double down or split your cards. While no one can tell you how much you should spend at a Blackjack table, proper strategies can help you make your further moves and even win.

What’s great about Blackjack is that your decisions can make a difference. You can lower the house edge by applying the optimal strategy and beat the dealer. That’s why it is important to use the strategies and make your moves according to them. Playing by the book will prevent you from risking and going bust as Blackjack strategies offer the moves that will give you the best odds.

Hunches vs. Strategy

Some players are lazy to learn Blackjack strategies or simply like taking risks. Instead of applying the best possible moves in given situations, they follow hunches which are not reliable at all. You may have a feeling that you do the right thing, but in the game of Blackjack, you simply cannot rely on your intuition. By doing so, you will put yourself at a disadvantage.

Blackjack strategies are based on the maths and theory of probability. Each and every move that the proper strategy suggests is mathematically calculated and comes with the best odds. By applying the suggested moves you gain leverage over the casino and minimise risk.

Closing Thoughts

While playing hunches can turn out to be successful sometimes, the truth is that it is not something you should do when it comes to Blackjack. To put it simply, you cannot afford to play hunches in the long run. By following hunches you reduce Blackjack to a simple luck based game which immediately increases the house edge and make your odds of winning lower. Playing Blackjack online provides you with an opportunity to learn the basic strategy and practice it without risking your own money. If you still believe that you can beat the game of Blackjack without learning the basic strategy, give it a try in free play mode at RNG-powered tables. You can play hunches for a while and then apply the proper strategy and see for yourself what we are talking about. Find a Blackjack variant that suits you best at some of the best online casinos!     

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