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Free Bet Blackjack: Is It Good for You?

Staff Writer 03/26/2020 Blog 37 views

Slot enthusiasts can enjoy free spins. But, what about free bets in Blackjack? That’s precisely what Evolution Gaming has come up with launching their Free Bet Blackjack Live. If you are interested in which bets you can play on the house, stay with us as we will present you this game variant and the strategy that can help you make the most of it.

What Is Free Bet Blackjack?

Free Bet Blackjack is a live dealer Blackjack variant launched by Evolution Gaming in 2019. It is an 8-deck card game where a natural pays 3:2. Most of the rules the game shares with standard Blackjack, including the way the cards are dealt and the dealer peaking for a Blackjack. The dealer has to stand on all 17s, both soft and hard.

The player can double down on any two initial cards and split any pair. Split Aces can receive a single card and you cannot double down on any split. Insurance pays 2:1. These are all the similarities between Free Bet Blackjack and the standard version of the game. Now, on to differences.

The biggest difference is in the fact that you can double down for free whenever you receive a hard 9, 10 or 11. So, if your hand contains an Ace and gives any of these totals, you won’t be able to use a free bet. Furthermore, you can split for free any pair except for those consisting of 10s.

To balance the house edge, Evolution has introduced another rule according to which the dealer’s total of 22 results in a push. So, in this case, instead of winning a 1:1 payout, you will get your bet back only.

How to Play Free Bet Blackjack?

Unlike most Live Blackjack tables powered by Evolution, this one accepts an unlimited number of players. Besides the main bet, players can take a chance with a total of four side bets: Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It. If you play Any Pair, you can win up to 25:1 on a suited pair. The 21+3 bet works in a familiar way with the top prize being 100:1 on suited trips. Hot 3 also pays up to 100:1 while the Bust It bet can earn you up to 250:1. In case the dealer has an Ace, you will be offered Insurance that pays 2:1.

Free Bet Blackjack Strategy

You would probably like to know how to beat Free Bet Blackjack and we will try to help you in your efforts. The most important thing you should bear in mind is that you should stick to the basic Blackjack strategy. It is a kind of golden rule you should not forget. Also, you should be aware of the fact that the main game in Free Bet Blackjack has a higher house edge than the regular game. It sits at 1.55%.

So, to make most of the game, you should not go for free splits and double downs whenever you can. You may not be charged for making these moves, but if they are not in accordance with the basic strategy, they can lead to a loss. Also, remember that moderation is key when playing side bets no matter how tempting they may be.

Closing Thoughts

Free Bet Blackjack is a new take on the casino classic than may appeal to many players due to its innovative features. You can join the table any time you like without waiting for a free seat, which is awesome. Some double downs and splits can help you create a winning hand, so use free bets when you have a good reason to do it. Otherwise, you may feel not so excited by the game itself.

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