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top 5 online blackjack games

Top 5 Recent Online Blackjack Games

Staff Writer 01/11/2023 Blog 70 views

For all of us blackjack enthusiasts who enjoy playing online games, there have been exciting releases happening in the past months. Developers like Playtech and Switch Studios, along with the other beloved developers on the list, have released exquisite blackjack titles. Some of them have exciting and innovative game mechanics while others stick to traditional rules albeit with a visual twist. Without further ado, here are our top 5 recent online blackjack games.

All Bets Blackjack by Playtech

The first entry on our list is by the well-known Playtech studio. All Bets Blackjack brings us a live dealer experience where dozens of players can compete at the same time. The game operates on a common draw system where it takes no time for even a thousand players to finish their hands. The visual interface showcases the current hand and the players make their choice whether to stand on the current hand or continue with another.

The live dealer will keep hitting cards for the player until a bust or a blackjack and then players are rewarded based on where they stopped betting. Furthermore, the studio is immersive with elegant croupiers and professional staff. The whole experience is like playing at a famous Las Vegas casino.

Additionally, there is a slew of side bets to enjoy from poker-inspired 21+3 to pairs. The player can even guess whether the dealer will bust. With tons of side-betting options and live dealer gameplay, All Bets Blackjack by Playtech adds up to an amazing online blackjack experience.

High Streak Blackjack by Switch Studios

We had difficulty deciding on which recent Switch Studios release to include as they have been busy. Ultimately we chose High Streak Blackjack but they have recently released many innovative blackjack games. Switch Studios is known for introducing interesting quirks to their titles. This time, there is the High Streak feature where the player is rewarded for chaining wins. A High Streak bet is placed at the beginning and the player can score it after they chain two or more victories with increasing rewards.

It offers an exciting high-risk high-reward type of gameplay that the player can customize with their bet amounts. And that high reward is a 10:1 payout on a regular blackjack win if the player reaches the 5th streak. The payouts before that one are not too shabby either.

Feel free to also check out the other Switch Studios releases we reviewed in the past few months.

Vinnie Jones Blackjack by Real Dealer Studios

Now this one is a real gem. Who is not a fan of the stern-looking but highly lovable Vinnie Jones, a world-famous football player turned movie star. In this Real Dealer Studios release Vinnie will act as a sort of a live dealer for you. Even though Vinnie Jones Blackjack is not actually live, you will get an experience like in a real casino. The rules follow the traditional blackjack formula with six decks.

Additionally, there are even some side betting options for the player to enjoy that include 21+3 combinations. They offer grand payouts if the player is willing to take risks. These payouts can reach upwards of 100:1 on a Suited Three of a Kind. The icing on the cake is that Vinnie will comment on each of your moves with smooth one-liners that will often encourage you positively.

Dragons of the North Blackjack by Wizard Games

Wizard Games brings us an exciting fantasy-themed release with Dragons of the North Blackjack. The objective and the mechanics of the game remain traditional for those who prefer the vintage blackjack experience. However, the whole visual interface along with the cards is given a fiery dragon twist.

The game is visually overhauled with a beautiful and fierce dragon theme. Moreover, it fittingly features high-paced action. This is in the form of the 3-hand gameplay happening at the same time. That’s right, you will be operating 3 distinct blackjack hands at once for more chances to win. Simply place your bets on all of them and watch the action unfold.

Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs by Gaming Corps

Get ready for some pair action in Gaming CorpsBlackjack MH Perfect Pairs. This release is packed full of extra features and innovations to the standard blackjack gameplay loop. Additionally, Gaming Corps has designed a beautiful 3D interface for the players to enjoy. The immersion factor is high as you can customize the graphics of the game to suit your needs.

On to the main features of the game, we have side betting with card pairs and a multi-hand system. The side bets include betting on Perfect Pairs, Color Pairs, and Mixed Pairs. Though some of these side bets are difficult to achieve requiring values, numbers, and suits to match, the Mixed Pair is quite achievable. It requires only the value and number to match with a 6:1 payout. This is further made possible with the multi-hand system where you will be betting on three hands at the same time if you wish.

There’s something for everyone on this list so check out our reviews and enjoy online blackjack gaming.

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