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Vinnie Jones Card Chase review

What Is Vinnie Jones Card Chase and How to Play It

Staff Writer 08/28/2023 Blog 40 views

Since the time we covered Vinnie Jones Blackjack, Vinnie has been busy. In another collaboration with the man himself, Real Dealer Studios have created another hit called Vinnie Jones Card Chase. This time, he graces the game of Hi Lo with his charisma and panache. So what is this title all about?

Vinnie Jones Card Chase Explained

Essentially, Vinnie Jones Card Chase is a game of Hi Lo but with an augmented reality element where Vinnie Jones himself is present as the dealer. Like last time, this is not exactly a live dealer release but a series of reactions and comments from Vinnie as you play the game. Real Dealer Studios have done an excellent job at emulating the atmosphere of a live casino title though.

All the standard rules of Hi Lo are present and the player has access to one hand. The game is played with one deck of 52 cards shuffled each game round. Real Dealer Studios use recorded videos of Vinnie to fit each situation and game state. A display also shows the player’s overall progress through the game rounds and round 15 hides a prize.

Without further ado, let us dive into the basics of gameplay.

How to Play Vinnie Jones Card Chase

This RDS title does not differ from the standard Hi Lo experience. The game starts with the first card being drawn on the left and Vinnie prompting you to make your move. His responses reflect his kind and charismatic demeanor. He’s always encouraging and is your biggest hype man in any situation.

With the first card in mind, the object of the game is to predict whether the next card on the right will be higher or lower than the left one. Card values go from an Ace (Worth 1 ) up to a King (Worth 14). The two buttons on the screen correspond to the Lower or Higher choices respectively.

If your decision is correct, you win the payout for that situation. We say situation because each combination has a different payout. The likelier the odds of the next card being higher or lower, the lower the payout and vice versa. This means that if your card is a Queen, the chances for the next card to be lower are quite high and therefore the payout is lower. Players can take a risky chance and guess on the low odd choices and this will in turn pay them higher if they are correct.

In case the King or an Ace were dealt, a new card will automatically be dealt but the round will not change. Note that changing bets initiates a new round.

Extra Features

The main feature of the game is the multiplier round. Every 15th round of the game is a multiplier round. Round progress is saved for your current bet amount. In this special round, after a bet is placed, a multiplier is randomly selected with a value anywhere from x2 to x200. If you win the 15th round, you score your payout as usual and multiply it by the aforementioned value.

Another less flashy feature, but still a useful one, is the Skip button. The skip function allows the player to change the card show without placing a bet. Skips are collected as you play every 5th round and can be used in any game round, even the multiplier one. Using a skip does not begin a new game round.

Tips & Payouts

Note that standard card-counting strategies cannot be used in this Hi Lo game. This is because Vinnie Jones Card Chase reshuffles the entire deck after a round. Furthermore, before you start playing, familiarize yourself with the probabilities of drawing certain cards. In a standard deck of 52 cards, there are four cards of each rank.

Cards from 2 to 7 are considered low, cards from 8 to 9 are neutral, and cards from 10 to the King are high. While guessing high with low cards and guessing low with high cards is considered the optimal strategy, riskier plays pay more.

This is because payouts are dynamic based on odds. For example, the highest payout you can get is for making the riskiest choice by guessing high on a queen or low on a 2. This payout equals 9.1:1 and is the highest win in the game. In contrast, guessing low on the Queen or guessing high on a 2 rewards a drastically smaller payout of 0.8:1.

The disparity in these two values gradually disappears as you reach the middle ground of guessing on a 7. The payout here is 1.5:1 in all cases. Therefore, while the optimal strategy is recommended, those who take risks and win receive grander payouts.

Final Remarks

All in all, Real Dealer Studio’s Vinnie Jones Card Chase is a great Hi Lo game. The added visual elements and Vinnie Jones himself just bring that special cinematic feeling to the game. His comments are always encouraging and even funny sometimes. Stick to the valid strategy but do not be afraid to take a risk once in a while. If you want to try the game for free, you can find it on our recommended casinos.

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