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What is Live Blackjack by Winfinity?

Staff Writer 07/13/2023 Blog 31 views

Today we wanted to talk about a newer casino gaming software developer Winfinity and their title Winfinity Live Blackjack. It is a cutting-edge blackjack game with 99.50% RTP, great visuals and various side betting options. The game hosts 7 players per table with numerous tables across two live-streamed studios. Let us talk about the basics and extra features of the game and see how this title holds up in the current market.

What is Winfinity Live Blackjack?

Essentially, Winfinity Live Blackjack is a modern and visually-stunning blackjack game streamed from a luxurious studio. The game features a standard blackjack ruleset with interesting side bet options. Players can bet anywhere from €5 to €2500 across main and side bets. There are 7 seats for each table and one player can take multiple seats for a multi-hand experience. While this may mean that tables are limited, Winfinity has two gorgeous studios live-steaming with numerous tables for players internationally.

As we mentioned, the rules follow the traditional formula. You pick a seat and choose your wager with chips. Then the live dealer assigns every player at the table two cards and goes left to right for player decisions. All the standard options of hitting, standing, splitting and doubling are available as per the blackjack strategy.

Dealers must draw to 17 and stand on a soft 17. There is insurance betting and you can even double after a split. At all times, 8 decks are being used and players can see the dealing shoe right next to the live dealer. Even Money options are also available for players to protect themselves from a blackjack push. This will reduce their blackjack payout to 1:1.

What Are the Extra Features of the Game?

Unlike many blackjack games on the market, Winfinity Live Blackjack features interesting side-betting options that we do not often see. Let us cover them one by one to fully familiarize ourselves with the rules:

  • First Three – This side betting option takes into account your two opening cards and the dealer’s up-card. To win it, you must get a poker combination of any kind whereupon you receive a payout.
  • Match the Dealer – This side bet is all about matching the dealer’s card with your opening hand. If either one of your two opening cards matches the dealer’s up-card, you score a payout. Payouts can be 2:1 for a single card match, 5:1 for two and increase if your cards are of the same suit or even pairs of the dealer’s up-card to 27:1.
  • Last Chance – This is the main extra feature of the game. The Last Chance bet is a dynamic bet where you are guessing which type of hand the dealer will reveal. You can bet on values or specific card combinations and the neat part is that you can bet at any point in the game. Payouts change based on the results and whether the dealer has currently revealed a card.

Finally, there is also the main live casino game social feature – the live chat. This is a great way to engage with your gaming community and the live dealer as well.

Final Remarks

While the Winfinity studio is relatively new, they have proven to take visual and mechanical quality quite seriously. Both their blackjack and roulette releases have held up to the community’s standards. Winfinity Live Blackjack features excellent RTP values up to 99.50% for optimal play. The blackjack strategy chart can help here. Players can win up to 27:1 through various interesting side-betting options that are refreshing to play. Last but not least everything is presented from a luxurious studio with 24/7 full HD streaming.

Choose from one of the two remarkable studios and 7 seats per table and start playing on our recommended live casinos.



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