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What is Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack

What is Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack by Playtech?

Staff Writer 05/29/2023 Blog 66 views

In the rapidly evolving live-dealer blackjack game industry, Playtech has released another innovative game called Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack. This live casino title blends the elements of a traditional blackjack game with slots by introducing an exciting bonus feature and multipliers. Its biggest advantage is that it boosts the overall standardized blackjack payout to up to 1000x the bet.

How does Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack Work?

First off, Playtech’s Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack, despite the intricate title, features standard Vegas-style rules. The dealer will stand on a soft 17 or above, you can use Insurance Bets and you can double after a split but cannot re-split.  If not for the bonus game, you could simply enjoy a standard 21 game experience. But besides the bonus, there is also another innovation which is the live casino experience.

This means that while playing Mega Fire Blaze you can enjoy Playtech’s live-streaming multiplayer technology. The game gives you two hands to play with but they are simultaneously the hands for all players currently playing the game. This is done by making the decisions separate from everyone else. Essentially, you can decide to hit, stand, double, split, etc. regardless of other players. You can choose to control one or two hands.

You can also choose to place side bets that include Perfect Pairs and 21+3 combinations. Perfect Pairs score if your opening two cards are of the same rank or colour. Moreover, 21+3 side bets payout if your opening 2 cards and the dealer’s up card equal certain poker combinations.

Mega Fire Blaze Bonus Explained

Furthermore, the Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack bonus works through participating. You have to bet on it and trigger it. This is done through the achievement point system where there are points you can get through various ways. You need to collect at least 5 points for the bonus to trigger. Here are ways you can get points:

  • Player Hand 14 – You get 2 achievement points if the total for your hand is exactly 14 and 6 points if both hands equal 14
  • Dealer Aces – You get 2 achievement points for one Ace in the dealer’s hand or 6 points for two.
  • Dealer’s Hand – You get 1, 7, or 12 achievement points if the dealer draws 4, 5, or 6 cards respectively.

As we mentioned, if 5 or more points are collected, the slot-themed bonus game is triggered. The more points you collected the higher number of multipliers to you bet you can win in the slot bonus game. The grid always has 3 rows but the reels range from 1 to 6 based on how many points you got.

The more achievement points, the higher the reels and chances to win the maximum multiplier up to 1000x. Furthermore, the higher the additional star multipliers you can get as well up to 100x.

Once the bonus is over, your bonus bet is multiplied by your reward and you receive the payout.

Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack Strategy

The standard RTP value for this game is 99.55% for the main blackjack bet. However, the RTP is lower based on whether you wager on the bonus or engage in side betting. The bonus RTP is 97.47% for the bonus, 95.90% for the Perfect Pairs, and 96.30% for 21+3. This is why we recommend only wagering on the bonus as it has much higher payouts than the side bets.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the main bet and bonus bet are separate. This means that you can win one and lose the other and vice versa.

Finally, as this is a standard Vegas-style blackjack game at its core the basic blackjack strategy can be used. Feel free to utilize the blackjack strategy chart as well as card counting where you can.

Final Remarks

Overall, Playtech has released another exciting and worthwhile blackjack game. Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack elevates the excitement of standard 21 to new heights and payouts of up to 1000x the bet. Furthermore, the multi-hand option coupled with Perfect Pairs and 21+3 gives the user plenty of options to play around with. Just keep in mind those achievement points and how to get them as we described above. You can find the game on all our recommended Playtech casinos.

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