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Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack is traditionally played with just one single deck, but some variations of the game could have multiple decks.

Classic Blackjack is traditionally played with just one single deck, but some variations of the game could have multiple decks.

The most traditional version of blackjack is generally known as Classic Blackjack, or just Blackjack. Acting as the most known and most popular version of the 21 game, Classic Blackjack is generally offered at all casinos, whether they be land-based or online.

It also acts as one of the easier card games to play when compared with others like poker and baccarat.

The Rules of Classic Blackjack

Playing classic blackjack is fairly simple, and as long as you’re informed on a few basic rules to follow, it’s very easy to pick up. The basic game is played with standard decks of cards, so any adept card gamers should find this to be common knowledge. The remaining standard rules of playing classic blackjack are as follows;

  • The object of the game is to create a hand with a value that is equal to or closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand
  • Number cards count as face value (2-10), Aces count as either 1 or 11, and Kings, Queens and Jacks count as 10
  • The dealer receives two cards, as does the player. All player cards are dealt face up, while only a single one of the dealer’s cards is.
  • Players can then hit or stand, with the former providing an extra card and the latter holding the cards at their current value.

Knowing these standard rules is really all that’s needed to begin playing Classic Blackjack. If you’re able to count, then there’s really nothing stopping you from being able to try and beat the dealer’s hand.

Other Important Rules

However, as with all games, there are certain other rules that players should be aware of to give themselves a better opportunity at beating the house. These extra pieces of information are sometimes the turning point between a win and a loss.

Number of Decks

Classic Blackjack is generally played with a single deck – however, certain variations, like Netent’s online Blackjack game for example, will allow players to wager on more. Netent’s Blackjack game is played with three boxes and six standard decks of 52 cards, minus the Jokers.

Dealer Play

Casinos have rules which dictate when the dealer is able to stand or hit. The common rule for Classic Blackjack is to have the dealer hit on a soft 16 and stand on a soft 17. Soft hands are those which contain Ace cards, which as noted before, can be classed as 1 or 10.

Natural Blackjack

This occurs when a 10-value card, plus an ace is initially dealt in any hand. The payout for this is 3:2 and a Natural Blackjack always beats any other hand with a value of 21.


If the first two cards you are dealt hold the same face value, you can split them into separate hands. Only one split per hand is allowed and proceeding with this will double your initial wager placed. After splitting Aces, you receive only a single additional card for each split hand. All others can be hit multiple times.


After the first two cards, you can double your wager. After doing so, you are dealt one extra card and then your hand automatically stands.


If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, a player can buy insurance. This costs half the value of the initial bet and pays 2:1 if the dealer gets a Blackjack. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose the insurance bet.


This option allows players to bow out of an unfavorable hand at the cost of half their bet.

Classic Blackjack Hints & Tips

Always remember to stand your hand when you have a hard hand with a value of 17-21, or a soft hand equaling 19-21. Being dealt a pair of Ace cards should result in a split option.

If you have a pair of fives and the dealer is showing any card between a 2 to a 9, use the double option. Meanwhile, if he has a 10 or Ace, be sure to Hit your hand.

In Summary

Classic Blackjack is a simple game to learn and provides an entertaining and great way to earn some profit. Knowing the general rules and additional hints for playing can all assist in making you as successful as possible.

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