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Super 7 Blackjack
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Super 7 Blackjack
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Super 7 Blackjack

Super 7 Blackjack is an exciting multi-hand blackjack game created by Betsoft. This blackjack variant allows players to play up to 3 hands of Blackjack, simultaneously. Each hand plays only against the dealer and is independent of other hands. The game uses six decks of cards. Players’ goal is to draw cards until their hand adds up to 21, or as close to 21 as possible, just like in the original game. The Super 7 title refers to the side bet that gives you a chance to win up to an additional 5,000x depending on what cards you receive.

It is clear by now that one side bet is enough to differentiate a release from all others. That is exactly Betsoft’s approach here with their Super 7 Blackjack Table. They have certainly outdone themselves. The animation is super smooth, the layout is straightforward and simple to use. In addition, players have the option of increasing the speed of the animation and playing multiple hands. Keep reading our Betsoft Super 7 Blackjack review and see how this variant differs from all others.

Game Rules & Features

The first thing any player must do when playing Super 7 Blackjack is set their bets. This blackjack version offers you the option to play three hands at once. Of course, you can choose not to, but if you feel the need you can use this option. Next, select a chip value, and start stacking them on the three highlighted tiles. To participate in the side bet, you will have to bet on it separately.

Now, it is time to play. If you are playing with one hand, the computer will deal two cards to the player, and two cards to itself. You are able to see all the cards in your hands, and one of the dealer’s cards. Next, based on the cards you have, you get to decide whether you wish to hit or stand. Hitting will lead to another card draw, while standing ends your turn.

After standing, the game will flip over the dealer’s hand. Time to check if either side has gone over 21. If they did, it counts as a bust, resulting in that person’s loss. If no one busted, the winner is the one who is closest to 21. Getting exactly 21 is a blackjack and gives players a better-than-average payout.

Betsoft Super 7 Blackjack enables both doubling and splits. Players are able to double almost every bet. There are no restrictions to hard nines, tens, or elevens. In addition, you can double after splitting, which explains why Betsoft’s Super 7 Blackjack is so popular at every casino lobby. However, with this variant, you can only split once.

Payouts & RTP

For those looking to win big, this game offers some decent payouts and houses a 99.56% RTP. You can bet any value between $1.00 and $100, which might be too little to tempt high-rollers. Standard, non-bonus wins are paid 1:1, insurance pays are 2:1, and blackjack wins award a 3:2 cash prize.

If you want to take advantage of the Super 7 side bet, you need to place an extra bet on it. This side bet offers prizes depending on the number of sevens you have, and if their suit match. If you manage to draw the first three cards as sevens and match their suit, you will take home the prize of 5,000:1.


Recommended Tips

Betsoft Super 7 Blackjack definitely owes its charm to its side bet option, however, placing the side bet on every round might not be such a great idea. Some online casinos will not deal a third card if the dealer has blackjack. This may not sound like much, but it does swing the house edge back towards the casino’s favor, so be aware.

As for the base game, if you are new at the blackjack table, you can always rely on the blackjack cheat sheet. It will go a long way in helping you decide whether to hit or stand depending on your hand. The number of hands you play will not affect the game’s RTP, nor will the card counting.

Betsoft Super 7 Blackjack Summary

We are quite impressed with Super 7 Blackjack by Betsoft. The table game has good graphics, plays smoothly, and features an almost non-existent house edge. It also offers an optional side bet that really adds to the thrill of the game. It is suitable for both veterans and newcomers and provides a demo mode with a built-in basic strategy.

High rollers might not be thrilled with the fact that they cannot bet more than $100 per round. However, we definitely recommend Super 7 Blackjack to all players who do not mind such a low betting range.

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