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One of the leading live casino game designers Playtech is back with another great Blackjack release. All Bets Blackjack by Playtech brings us a live common draw Blackjack experience where hundreds of players can compete next to each other. As you may know, the neat thing about common draw online is that it takes no time at all for a thousand players to finish their hands.

When you play All Bets Blackjack for real money you can place additional bets for more player options. Playtech is known for providing more-interactive ways for players to strategies which is always great to see.

Playtech’s All Bets Blackjack is one of the most popular modern ways to play Blackjack. The studio and croupiers are professional and elegant. Just the thought that there are hundreds of players interacting with the game alongside you immerses you in that classy Blackjack casino experience.

Game Rules & Features

The rules for All Bets Blackjack are quite traditional with the innovative part of the live common draw system and extra side betting options. From the perspective of the player, you can see a luxurious Blackjack table, the dealer and your interface. It contains all the information you need from the game, from your wagering units to your cards to the side bets.

The rounds typically consist of first placing your main bet and then making a choice on engaging in the various side bets which we will discuss later.

Then, the dealer draws a hand for the player and this hand is shared by all other players present at the live Blackjack table. Once your hand is dealt, the dealer will give all players a moment to decide whether they want to stay or continue hitting. After each card is dealt you can choose to stay independent of the other players. In these cases, your bets are locked. Otherwise, the croupiers deal cards to the player until the player reaches 21 or busts. This essentially means that even though the players are playing with the same hand, their decisions are separate. One may choose to stay, the other to hit, so the former will not receive the new card.

The dealer’s hand follows the standard Blackjack rules, they hit up until a hard or soft 17. All players are then rewarded or penalized accordingly based on their respective hands being compared to the dealer’s.

Special actions like splitting are automatic in this game, but the player still retains the option of staying or hitting.

The timer in the game window shows how much time you have left for each decision, whether it be wagering, staying or hitting.


Now that you know Playtech’s game rules and are ready to play All Bets Blackjack for real money, let’s look at the payouts. The Blackjack win in All Bets Blackjack is the standard 50% of your original wager 3:2. The crucial part of the game are the additional side bet opportunities. All Bets Blackjack offers various side bet options which include:

  • 21+3 – This side bet option allows the player to bet that the first two cards dealt to the player’s hand and the first card dealt to the dealer will make a 3-card poker hand.
  • Pairs – Players can bet whether they or the dealer will be dealt certain kinds of pairs. These include Player’s Pair, Dealer’s Pair, Perfect Pairs, Colored Pairs, Red/Black Pair.
  • Top 3 – Similarly to the 21+3 bet, this option allows the player to bet on whether the first two cards from the player and the first card from the dealer will form certain poker combinations.
  • Buster Blackjack – A betting opportunity that allows the player to guess whether the dealer will bust.
  • Lucky Lucky – This option rounds out a third way to bet on player-dealer’s opening hand combination. Though this option has more combinations offered and is not related to poker.

These side bets offer various payout ratios. Generally speaking, the highest payouts come from guessing the opening combinations of the player and dealer. As aforementioned, there are three of these options in the form of 21+3, Top 3 and Lucky Lucky side bets. Additional information on all side bets can be found in the help section of the game’s interface.

Finally, it is noteworthy to point out that All Bets Blackjack RTP value differs based on if you engage in side bets. The base game RPT is calculated to be 99.46%, while the side bet RTP ranges from 91% to 96.30%. All in all, these are above-average payouts that are worth investing your resources in.

All Bets Blackjack Strategies

More advanced players of All Bets Blackjack will find that card-counting strategies like Hi-Op I and Hi-Op II work well in this live game. Just keep in mind that some of your freedom is limited by features like splitting being automatic.

Furthermore, for beginners, the best way to start is by analyzing the Blackjack strategy spreadsheet which outlines the most optimal moves for any Blackjack situation. Although this is not a perfect method for winning every time, it is a worthwhile way to start learning.

In general, all skill levels can focus on the side bet system in All Bets Blackjack. We just recommend being wary of the highly volatile 21+3, Top 3 and Lucky Lucky options when starting out.

Playtech has again provided us with another innovative way to play a classic game. Their live streaming technologies offer a modern and elegant way to play Blackjack. All Bets Blackjack offers you the chance to engage in a live casino experience competing with hundreds of players with the same hand.

And if you like the game and generally like your odds, feel free to tip the dealer for some extra good luck.

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