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We got a real gem for you today in the form of Flipluck’s Blackjack 11. This is an exciting new blackjack release that aims to simplify the experience of our favorite card game, yet still keep it exciting. The main innovation is that Blackjack is now achieved with a hand value of 11. You can imagine how drastically this changes the whole approach to the game.

Flipluck accompanies this drastic rule change with an elegant wild west casino ambiance. The animations are really well done with the two cowboys representing the player and the dealer. Furthermore, the interface is quite slick and straightforward with no confusing details. There’s even a side bet included.

The expected RTP of Blackjack 11 is 94.91%. This is a much lower-than-average RTP value for blackjack. That being said, let us go over the game mechanics and see whether they make up for low RTP with a fun factor.

Game Rules & Features

Being a unique blackjack game, Blackjack 11 has some special rules. However, most of them follow the standard game structure. The game flow is familiar where the player needs to place their bet first and then they are dealt cards. There are three hands to play with so opportunities for strategic decisions are vast.

Once your cards are dealt for each betting hand, you need to get as close to 11 instead of 21 as possible. All cards are worth their standard value with face cards being 10s. Aces are worth either 1 or 11 as usual. This means that getting an ace as your opening card is automatic blackjack.

After you make all your decisions to hit or stand, the dealer will reveal their card. The dealer draws until he has at least 7 points. If they go over 11 they bust, the same goes for the player. If no one busts then both hands are compared and the winner is the hand that is closest to 11.

An interesting addition is the Blackjack 11 side bet. The player can place this side bet along with their main bet. Winning the side bet involves the dealer busting. You can place this side bet for each hand you play with.


When it comes to payouts, Blackjack 11 has some standard rewards that you would expect from any kind of 21 game. Winning against the dealer pays 2:1. Furthermore, getting a blackjack with an ace opening hand pays 3:2 as expected. On a grander scale, the RTP of Blackjack 11 is 94.91%.

With that out of the way let us cover the side betting payouts. As we mentioned, the side bet is won when the dealer busts, and you can win it three times for each hand you bet on. You can bet different values on each hand as well. In any case, if you win, these are the payout values.

  • Dealer busts with 2 cards – 3:1
  • Dealer busts with 3 cards – 4:1
  • Dealer busts with 4 cards – 10:1
  • Dealer busts with 5 cards – 50:1
  • Dealer busts with 6+ cards – 500:1

As you can see, these are some amazing payouts. Dealer busts are not that rare so the lowest 3:1 is decently achievable. Also, keep in mind that the maximum side bet wager is 50$.

Blackjack 11 Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack 11 has an interesting dynamic wherein it follows all the standard BJ rules, but it takes some getting used to its unique strategy. Do not be hasty to hit when getting a 5 or 6-value card. In this 11-game, that’s dangerous territory. Remember that the standard blackjack strategy chart cannot be used. However, card-counting strategies are still a viable choice.

As for side bets, the dealer can only bust if their opening hand is less than 7. This is because the dealer is programmed to hit until they have a hand value of at least 7. So if the dealer’s opening hand is 6 or below, they will hit until they either reach their target goal or bust. So if you are placing side bets, look for those 6-value or blow dealer hands.

Flipluck has provided us with an amazing innovation for the Blackjack gaming family. Their Blackjack 11 release combines both high-risk high-reward gameplay, with some intricate strategic decisions. It is a whole new way to approach blackjack. Though the RTP value is lower than usual, this Flipluck release is a must-try for any blackjack enthusiast. If you wish to try the game out for free, check if your casino offers Flipluck releases.

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