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BP Games are taking a break from their Baccarat series and have brought us a stunning new Blackjack release. BP Games Blackjack takes on an elegant blue-velvet visual style with exciting new features. The first one is that in this blackjack game, players can have multiple hands at once. Furthermore, there are even multiple tables you can play at the same time. When you are playing online this means that each time you launch the game, there will be other players populating the different tables and seats. Finally, there are even extra side bets in the game.

This new BP Games title is swiftly looking to be a collection of all modern online blackjack features. Let us dive into the details in this Blackjack by BP Games review.

Game Rules & Features

When it comes to gameplay rules, this online Blackjack game follows the traditional ruleset. The flow of the game consists of the player pressing the sit-down button at their chosen virtual table and seat. Then, the betting phase starts, and players have access to chips from 5 to 500. The wagering range is $20 to $1000. What is interesting here is that players can bet on multiple hands during a single blackjack game, as long as there are spots available. Finally, the player can choose one of the side-bet options.

  • Perfect Pairs – For this side bet, players will be attempting to match their cards in various ways. There are mixed pairs, colored pairs, and perfect pairs available as betting options.
  • 21 + 3 – Here, players will be trying to achieve a poker combination with their opening cards and the dealer’s card. The combinations available are a Flush, Straight, Triple, Straight Flush, and Suited Triple.

Moreover, let us take a look at Blackjack by BP Games rule intricacies. It is played with six decks and the dealer always stands on 17s. For doubling rules, you can double each time you receive the first two cards and there is no doubling after a split. Furthermore, if an ace is split, the player will receive one card for each split hand and end their turn.

Additionally, the Insurance bet option is available. If the dealer’s opening card shows an ace, the player will be given this opportunity. Then, players can place up to half of their original bet as insurance. That being said if the hands tie the hands are pushed.


When it comes to payouts, there is a lot to talk about. Besides the classic blackjack payout, there are insurance bets and various side bets to go over. Each bet has a unique reward and some are of course more difficult to achieve than others. The standard Blackjack payout is 3:2 which is great to see as some blackjack games have an unfavorable 6:5 payout. The insurance bet pays 2:1 as usual.

When it comes to the various side bets, there are the aforementioned options of Perfect Pairs and 21+3. Their payouts are as follows:

  • Mixed Pair – 5:1
  • Colored Pair – 10:1
  • Perfect Pair – 30:1
  • Flush – 5:1
  • Straight – 10:1
  • Triple – 30:1
  • Straight Flush – 40:1
  • Suited Triple – 100:1

To score these various payouts the player has to bet at least 20 units and a maximum of 1000. The betting range of Blackjack by BP Games is noticeably quite higher than other modern online blackjack games. Additionally, with such lucrative side betting options and multiple hands being played per round – BP Game’s Blackjack sure has a lot of funds being spent per round. Therefore, be sure to gamble responsibly as this release can be quite high-stakes.

Blackjack (BP Games) Strategies

Do not let that great relaxing soundtrack fool you, this is a high-stakes game of blackjack. When playing Blackjack by BP Games for real money, it is important to have a blackjack strategy. With multiple hands being played per round it might be worth it to consult the blackjack strategy chart for optimal results for each hand.

Additionally, with such a high number of hands being controlled by you, the six decks can get exhausted quite swiftly. Therefore, using a card counting strategy like Hi-Lo is definitely worth it. A good card counting strategy can then be combined with Insurance Bets, as the latter by itself is not usually a great idea. Finally, try to stay away from the 21+3 side bets as they can get quite volatile. If you nonetheless enjoy side-betting and want to give it a shot, the Perfect Pairs option is much more reliable.

All in all, we are quite liking this new BP Games Blackjack release as they offer the player a ton of options. Besides the multiple hands where players can have more freedom, there are also multiple side bet options available. Be wary of that wide betting range from $20 to $1000, as it can be a double-edged sword. While you can invest a lot of money for huge payouts, the losses can be just as grand. We recommend trying this online blackjack game for yourself and seeing if you like it.

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