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When it comes to RNG-based online blackjack games, few developers are as committed as Felt Gaming. We are yet to find a release of theirs that was a disappointment. Some examples include the phenomenal Blackjack Plus, which is essentially a perfect all-in-one online blackjack experience. They tried to pack all the side bets there, including Lucky Lucky. They did it, but they also decided to base an entire title on this beloved side bet.

Blackjack Lucky Lucky is an online blackjack game that focuses on the Lucky Lucky side bet. Compared to Blackjack+, it’s a fairly more focused experience. Even the welcome screen puts Lucky Lucky front-and-center, while also explaining how Lucky Lucky works in blackjack.

Game Rules and Features

Felt Gaming blackjack games follow a similar, player-friendly set of rules. This is largely why they all have excellent RTP, exceeding 99.60% in a lot of cases.

First of all, the game uses six standard decks of playing cards, which are shuffled after each game. The dealer peeks for blackjack if their first up-card is an Ace and must stand on a soft 17. Aces can be worth both 1 and 11, whichever is more advantageous at the moment. However, players can double down only after a split, after which only one more card is dealt. Also, players can also hit split Aces.

The Lucky Lucky bet in blackjack online is a side bet that predicts that your initial two cards and the dealer’s up-card will make certain combinations. It’s fairly similar to 21+3 in that regard. However, the hands you are trying to form are more similar to Rummy than Poker. We’ll get into more details below, in the blackjack Lucky Lucky paytable.

Payouts and RTP

There are no surprises as far as the main blackjack game payouts are concerned. Standard wins pay even money, Blackjack pays 3:2, and Insurance pays 2:1. There is no option to surrender in this online blackjack variant. As such, the RTP is a very strong 99.63%.

However, the Lucky Lucky side bet pays out different amounts depending on the hand you manage to assemble. Here are all the options:

  • Suited 7-7-7: if the three cards are all 7s of the same suit, you’ll win a massive 200:1 payout.
  • Suited 6-7-8: If you assemble a 3-card suited straight starting at 6, the payout is 100:1.
  • Any 7-7-7: Three-of-a-kind 7s pay at odds of 50:1.
  • Any 6-7-8: If your 3-card straight contains different suits, you’ll get 25:1.
  • Suited 21: If the three cards are all of the same suit and combine for a total of 21, you’ll win a nice 15:1 payout.
  • 21: If the three cards simply total 21 and are of different suits, the payout is 3:1.
  • 20/19: if your cards add up to 19 or 20, you’ll get a tidy 2:1 payout.

With these odds and returns, the Lucky Lucky side bet boasts a respectable RTP of 96.05%. Also, keep in mind that the Lucky Lucky blackjack side bet counts card values the same as the main bet. In other words, 10+card are always simply 10, while Ace counts as either 11 or 1.

Recommended Tips

As far as the main wager is concerned, you can simply follow a basic blackjack strategy chart. This will at least guarantee you’re making use of that excellent 99.63% RTP. Other than that, there’s not much else you can do.

As the name implies, Lucky Lucky is a side bet that relies entirely on luck. Whether you want to put down the side bet or not is entirely up to you. Since placing side wagers can only be done before any cards are drawn, your chances of winning are essentially always the same.

Felt Gaming Blackjack Lucky Lucky Summary

Just like always with Felt Gaming blackjack, the game is overall well-made and enjoyable. As we mentioned earlier in this Felt Gaming Blackjack Lucky Lucky review, the side bet is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Still, if you don’t enjoy it, you can find very similar titles from the same creators – minus Lucky Lucky.

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