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Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs
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For those who love tons of extra features to your blackjack game, Gaming Corps have recently released Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs. You can see just from the title that this game features both the multi-hand blackjack feature and side bets. It is an action-packed release that offers players tons of options during play. This is all complimented by excellent visual design and a customizable avatar hand that represents the player.

Players can bet anywhere from $1 to $500 to win the maximum payout that depends on the side bets. The RTP of Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs is calculated as 99.46% which is a decent value for any BJ game. Without further ado, let us begin the review for this Gaming Crops title.

Game Rules & Features

Besides the wonderful 3D visuals, this game also has some excellent extra features but we will first cover the basics. The game is played with 8 standard decks with the usual blackjack rules. The dealer must stand on all hard 17s and draw to 16. Split and doubling are allowed once per round. Split hands that feature an ace and a 10-value card are not considered blackjack but are still a win. The even money or Insurance bet is present in Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs when the dealer’s face card is an ace.

Furthermore, games are tracked and the player can check their gaming history on the top left. On the top right, the entire rules glossary can be reviewed. Additionally, the player has the option to pick from various relaxing songs that will play in the background.

Betting is done on the bottom of the screen and you will see three positions. This is due to the game’s multi-hand feature. The player can have up to three hands at a time during any round. You just need to make sure not to go over the $500 wagering maximum as this is shared by all three hands.

Finally, there is also the Perfect Pairs side bet. To win this side bet, the player must match their first two cards accordingly:

  • Perfect Pair – The value, number, color, and suit must match
  • Color Pair – The value, number, and color must match
  • Mixed Pair – Only the value and number must match

This side bet goes hand in hand with the splitting feature as each time you get a pair you will also be able to split them.


For the most part, payouts in Gaming Crops’ Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs follow the traditional pattern. Regular wins pay 1:1 and blackjacks pay 3:2. Keep in mind that if you split and get a blackjack, the payout will be 1:1. Insurance betting pays 2:1 and the maximum wager is half your bet.

When it comes to the Perfect Pairs side bet, the payouts are as follows:

  • Mixed Pair – 6:1
  • Color Pair – 12:1
  • Perfect Pair – 25:1

As you can see, the payouts double in terms of difficulty. Getting that 25:1 win with a max wager can be exhilarating, but keep in mind that Perfect Pairs are difficult to achieve. Luckily, if you place a side bet, you qualify for all payouts and do not have to choose one.

Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs Strategies

When it comes to blackjack strategy, the neat thing about this Gaming Corps release is that they have a built-in strategy section. If you check the rules and scroll down you will see some advice on the game as well as a blackjack strategy chart. This is an excellent starting point for new players. Furthermore, advanced players might want to implement card counting like Hi-Lo for better results.

As for side betting, the general rule is that you should never wager on risky side bets like Perfect Pairs. That being said, some players prefer high-risk high-reward gameplay. In these cases know that the RTP value for Perfect Pairs in this game is 94.22%. On average, this is one of the better RTP values for side bets.

Gaming Corps’ Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs certainly has a lot of features. You can both engage in multi-hand betting and side betting to boot. There are plenty of player options to choose from and the visuals of the game, along with the music, are quite enjoyable. Just remember that multi-hand features mean more money spent per hour so be sure to establish a good bankroll and budget for your gaming session. That being said, Blackjack MH Perfect Pairs is an excellent release full of player interactivity and we recommend it for everyone to try.

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