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Blackjack – RTG
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Blackjack RTG

Real Time Gaming enriches their offer with yet another Blackjack game, following a successful formula of classic, standard Blackjack style with additional, player-friendly rules such as double down and splitting. With sharp graphics in downloadable game version and authentic casino atmosphere, any true Blackjack fan is in for a treat.

Game Rules & Features

RTG Blackjack is played with six decks, although, depending on a version, the number of decks can range from 2 to 8. The rules remain unchanged, following the classic pattern. Each game is preceded with the dealer shuffling the cards. Players place their bets on the designated fields and select the “deal” tab. Before the dealer's hand is revealed, the players can select the following: double down, split, hit or surrender. The first option is available on first two cards or after a split. Re-split is possible two times but not for Aces. Dealer will hit if holding a soft 17 hand. Depending on the card, the players can also submit an insurance against the odds of dealer holding a Blackjack hand.

Payouts & RTP

The standard set of payment ratio is followed. The payout table is as follows: 1-1 for a regular hand win, 3-2 for a Blackjack hand and 2-1 for the insurance bet. Translated into a concrete example, the player will get a profit of $10 on the same bet amount for a standard hand, or $15 profit for a Blackjack hand on a $10 stake. The minimum amount you can stake is a $1.00 chip while a maximum is $1,500 with the expected return of 99.52%

Recommended Tips

Knowing the basic Blackjack strategy can take you a long way. A few simple rules can make a lot of difference and figuring out when to stand or surrender can often turn an unfavourable hand to your own advantage. For instance, a pair of 10s should not be split, while Aces and eights are usually separated. A hard 17 hand is your cue to stand as this hand is likely to end in a bust. Having 12, 11 or less is a good hand for you to hit.

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Summary

A standard Blackjack game following the familiar patterns. If you are not in for surprises and are comfortable with what you know best, RTG Blackjack is a game for you. With decent graphics (sharper in download version) and fast play, it is no wonder that Real Time Gaming Blackjack releases have the highest user ratings.

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