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BlackJack Side Bets
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Today we have a blackjack online game centred around side bets. GameArt’s BlackJack Side Bets brings us a fresh take on the game with a multi-hand mechanic and various betting options to choose from. The first thing the player’s will notice is the elegant azure table with three spots to place their bets.

Next up, the wagering part of the interface includes various coins with the maximum bet being $200. The side bets also have a maximum limit which is $100. This essentially means that the maximum payout of the game is $300 with a blackjack win. In this BlackJack Side Bets review we shall talk about the basic rules and sidebetting, as well as payouts and strategy. Let us dive right in.

Game Rules & Features

To start with the basics, GameArt’s BlackJack Side Bets follows the traditional blackjack formula. Players will have 6 decks to play with. The betting starts by placing the main bet and then side bets. As for the gameplay, all the standard options are present. The player can double down, split, and take an insurance bet. Note that achieving 21 after splitting is considered a regular win and not a blackjack.

The multihand mechanic is also present where the player can bet on three separate hands. This feature allows for more player choices and experimentation. Something to keep in mind is that each hand can have different bets. One can be a high wager with one side bet, while the other can be a low wager with no side bets, etc.

As for the actual side bets, they include the Perfect Pairs and 21+3. The perfect pair side bets require the player to make various pairs with their first two cards. These include the perfect pair, the same color pair, and the mixed color pair. Furthermore, the 21+3 side bets is slightly different. This side betting option requires the player to make one of the five recognized poker hands. The first two cards dealt plus the dealer’s up card are used. These combinations include the Suited Three of a Kind, Stragith Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, and a Flush.


When it comes to payouts, there are numerous options that BlackJack Side Bets by GameArt offers. This comes from the fact that there are various side bets a player can engage in. The wagering ranges are up to $100 for side bets and up to $200 for the regular game. Payouts follow the traditional 1:1 payout for regular wins and the 3:2 for blackjack.

As for side bet payouts they have various rewards based on both which side bet you chose and which sub category you won. The rewards are as follows:

  • Perfect Pairs
    • Perfect Pair – 25:1
    • Same Color Pair – 12:1
    • Mixed Color Pair – 6:1
  • 21+3
    • Suited Three of a Kind – 100:1
    • Straight Flush – 40:1
    • Three of a Kind – 30:1
    • Straight – 10:1
    • Flush – 5:1

As you can see the payouts can get really amazing based on your luck. This goes for 21+3 bets especially. They are are quite rare to achieve so betting on 21+3 is a high-risk high-reward play. That being said, note that simply placing a 21+3 bet qualifies you for every payout. You do not need to bet specifically on Straights or Flushes, etc.

BlackJack Side Bets Strategies

When it comes to blackjack strategy, following the basic principles of the strategy chart is always a good idea. This is no different for BlackJack Side Bets. Beginners should check out the chart and try to follow it while they learn basic strategy. Note that the chart does not guarantee a win, however, it does offer the most optimal moves.

Advanced players should look towards 6-deck card counting. Strategies like Hi-Lo or Omega II are a good place to start. When it comes to side bets there is really no optimal strategy for them. The general advice is to not engage in side betting as it is quite risky with low RTP values. That being said, if you are going to engage in sidebetting be sure to set a budget for side bets.

All in all, this GameArt release looks to be quite promising. BlackJack Side Bets offers plenty of options with both the titular feature and the multi-hand approach. Players should only be careful as multiple hands means more bets being player per hour. If a proper budget is not set, this can result in unwanted losses. If you wish to try out GameArt’s BlackJack Side Bets, check out our recommended casinos.

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