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Blackjack Surrender
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Blackjack Surrender
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Blackjack Surrender

Having the same concept as other forms of this popular game, Blackjack Surrender is named after one of the most beneficial rules – the surrender alternative. There are some variants where this is not a viable option, however, most versions incorporate this feature, allowing the players to keep a portion of their bet and forfeit the round before or after the dealer checks if he has a Blackjack hand.

Game Rules & Features

The Playtech Blackjack Surrender can be played with one or up to five active hands. The game starts after a player has selected the bet amount and placed the chip on the marked fields. After the cards are dealt, the player can either request a new card by clicking deal or double tabs. With the second choice, the bet will be automatically increased and a new card drawn.

After the dealer peeks for Blackjack the player can renounce half of their stake and leave the round by choosing a surrender button. Players win if their hand is higher than the dealer's but not over 21. Matching hands are known as push, which is equivalent to the term “tie”. An extra option the player can use is called an insurance. This option is offered if the dealer's upcard is an Ace and players are actually insuring against the dealer having a Blackjack. Same denomination cards can be split and played as two regular hands, with the exception of split Aces where only one card is dealt for each.

Payouts & RTP

The payout comes in format 1 to 1 and 2 for 1, depending on your betting position. First ratio usually applies to standard hands (blackjack and insurance have a different payout) where the cashout is equal to the original amount times two. For example, investing a $1 chip will result in $2 profit – casino will return your investment and award you with the equivalent amount. The max bet is $300 per hand, with the chip value ranging from $0.10 to $100 and RTP of 99.62%.

Recommended Tips

When it comes to strategies, Blackjack Surrender is no different than any other game variant. Certain combinations, such as hard 17, 19 etc will call for a stand, while smaller cards will require a hit. Most players will split the Aces and 8s but keep the 10s. Surrender move is recommended when the player has hard 16 and the dealer has 9, 10 or Ace. The same goes for the pair of 8s and a hard 15 against the dealer's Ace.

Playtech Blackjack Surrender Summary

Pretty much a standard style Blackjack with the benefit of a surrender option and multi-hand feature. The game runs smoothly and does not make difficult for the player to beat the dealer and win. People that are used to playing with a single hand only may at first be put off by the additional hands option, but rest assured that it can significantly increase your winning chances and add an extra level of excitement.

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