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Double Exposure Blackjack Gold
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Double Exposure Blackjack Gold
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Double Exposure Blackjack Gold

When it comes to card games blackjack is irreplaceable, but not untouchable. A little adjustment here, a little polish there, and you have a brand new game based on a popular principle, looking better than ever on your device’s screen. If you enjoy Double Exposure Blackjack, you’ll enjoy Double Exposure Blackjack from Microgaming’s Gold series even more, as it brings the visual beauty of the game to a next level, while still revolving around all the main features that made Double Exposure a sought out variation of blackjack in the first place. The Gold edition comes complete with faster play, seamless animation and a more realistic perspective.

Game Rules & Features

There are no deviations from the Double Exposure rules in the standard edition. The game uses 8 decks of cards; the initial deal consists of both the dealer and player getting a set of two cards. Normally, only one dealer’s card would be face up, but in this version both of them are. This way, the player is aware of all the cards, and has gained significant advantage over the dealer. The casinos obviously have to make up for this by adding a few more details to the gameplay, to keep things sufficiently demanding, but not overwhelming.

Major rule adjustment – the dealer wins all ties. The only exception is the player’s blackjack hand. Winning’s pay even money, even the natural hand. Players can improve their odds by splitting any relevant set of cards, or use the Double Down feature (applicable on 9, 10 or 11 hand totals).

Payouts & RTP

If you’re used to payouts at blackjack being at 3 to 2, you’ll have to readjust to new conditions. Apparently, all payouts are succumbed to 1:1 odds in Double Exposure Blackjack Gold. The dealer beats the player on all ties, true, but we can’t complain about the house edge as it stops at 0.59%. Expected return to player rate – 99.31%.

Recommended Tips

As all casino games, blackjack is also a game of chance. But partly, the results depend on the player’s understanding of the game’s structure and rules, as well as the player’s willingness to devise a strategy that would be tailor-made for a specific game variant. The double exposure benefits the player a great deal, he/she just needs to use this knowledge and work around the disadvantages. Want some advice? Don’t split Aces when the dealer’s hand is 11, instead you hit. Don’t use Double Down if you have 11, and the dealer has 4-9 or 12-15.

Microgaming Double Exposure Blackjack Gold Summary

If you like blackjack, but want a version that is more competitive, more thrilling and visually impressive, then look no more - Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is the right title for you. When you have to make decisions based on just one of the dealer’s cards shown, things can get messy. In Double Exposure, you immediately know what you’re up against, so you just have to balance that out with a few tricky points. Whether you do it or not – you will have some fun trying.

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