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Dragons of the North Blackjack
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Wizard Games brings us a visually stunning release in the form of Dragons of the North Blackjack. The game is a complete visual overhaul of the standard blackjack experience. It features a dragon-themed play area, cards, and more. The rules follow the standard blackjack formula with a unique twist which we will cover in our Dragons of the North Blackjack review.

When playing the game players can bet anywhere from $1 to $500 for a chance to score the grand blackjack payout. Dragons of the North Blackjack RTP is calculated to be 99.59% which is around the expected value for blackjack games. Without further ado, let us cover this fast-paced fantasy blackjack release.

Game Rules & Features

With this Wizard Games release players can enjoy a traditional 6 standard deck of 52 card experience. Dragons of the North Blackjack seeks to provide the community with a fantasy-style game without tampering with the rules. The playing area is located on a smooth and elegant map of the fantasy world. The interface along with the cards is given a draconic visual re-design to immerse the player into this epic game.

Furthermore, the standard rules are in place where the dealer draws until their cards total 17 or higher. Both the Even Money and Insurance features are in place. The former for those unfamiliar is available if the player has a blackjack and the dealer’s visible card is an ace. The player can then take the even money 1:1 payout.

As for splitting, a split can be done during the first move. Only one split is allowed and splitting doubles the initial bet. For a split hand, an ace and a 10-value card will count as 21 and not Blackjack. Furthermore, there is also the double option. It can be applied on a hand resulting from a split as well.

Finally, the most exciting rule addition is the multi-hand system. Players will be betting on and playing three hands at the same time. This increases the chances to win but also makes the game fast-paced with more hands being played per hour.


As for the payouts of Dragons of the North Blackjack, they are standardized without any side bets. The traditional 1:1 payout is awarded for a win and Blackjacks pay out 3:2. Some special payouts are as follows:

  1. Insurance Payout – 2:1 (The Insurance bet maximum is half the original bet)
  2. Even Money Payout – 1:1
  3. Push – The bet is returned

To achieve these payouts the player must bet anywhere from $1 to $500. Keep in mind that three hands are in play so you will be betting on each one. There are grand payouts to be won if the player places a maximum bet on all three hands and wins all three. However, we do not recommend this strategy unless the player is really into high-risk high-reward. Finally, the RTP of the game is 99.59% which is around the expected value for traditional Blackjack games without side bets.

Dragons of the North Strategies

Since this is a traditional blackjack experience with no rule innovations and no side bets, all the standard blackjack strategies apply. This means that beginners will have great success following the basic blackjack strategy chart. More advanced players should opt for card-counting strategies like Hi-Lo I and II.

One additional thing to keep in mind is the multi-hand system. While it may promise higher winning chances due to more hands being played. It also means that more losses will occur as there are more hands being played per hour. To account for this you should create a bankroll budget and divide your bets accordingly so you can play with peace of mind. Always stop playing once you have exceeded your budget to avoid any unwanted losses.

Wizard Games has truly provided us with an epic fantasy-style blackjack experience. Everything is better with dragons and Dragons of the North Blackjack proves this. It is a visually stunning blackjack game with the multi-hand feature for more player choices but traditional rules. For those who want to give it a try check out our recommended blackjack casinos.

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