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Today we have another Hi-Lo game for you, this time from Hacksaw Gaming. As always the goal is to guess the next card but Hacksaw adds not just guessing value but colors too. The neat thing is that you can opt-out and collect winnings after just one guess or continue to chain wins and collect increasingly higher rewards. Payouts are dynamic based on the current odds just like any other Hi-Lo game.

The visual interface is neat and coherent with each option clearly outlined. You can bet anywhere from $0.20 to $100 for a chance to win up to 5000x your bet. The boulder and riskier your guess, the higher payouts you get. As for the return-to-player value, it is up to 98.00%. Let us dive deeper into this Hi-Lo Hacksaw Gaming review and check out the details.

Game Rules & Features

For starters, the basic rules of Hi-Lo by Hacksaw Gaming are simple. You start with a single card that you can switch at your leisure without cost 5 times per round. Once you are happy with it, you can then place a bet and guess whether the next card will be of a higher or lower value than the current one. If you guess right you receive a payout based on the odds of your guess. Riskier choices get higher payouts.

If you guessed wrong, then your bet is forfeit and you must start over. Every card is randomly picked from a new deck of cards. This means that the same card can appear more than once per game.

Furthermore, you can also guess whether the next card will be black or red. This additional gameplay option gives you more choices in how you approach your guesses. You can alternate between value and color guessing at any time.

Lastly, if you get at least one correct answer, you can collect your winnings with the button below the cards. You can also continue playing for higher rewards and collect them later as you chain wins. However, be mindful that a wrong guess forfeits the entire pool of your winnings.


As you play Hacksaw Gaming’s Hi-Lo you will notice that payouts are dynamic. Certain choices multiply your base bet based on their odds. If you have a 3 and you guess that the next card will be higher you will receive a lower payout than if you were to guess the next card would be lower. Riskier guesses pay out more.

The maximum win of the game is 5000x the bet with the betting range being $0.20 to $100. Return-to-player values vary but reach a maximum of 98.00% which is decent for Hi-Lo games.

You can always check your game and payout history in the lower left of the screen. This can help you track your wins and losses and adjust your betting style accordingly.

Hi-Lo Hacksaw Gaming Strategies

The problem with playing Hi-Lo games is that card counting would be the most useful strategy, but it cannot be applied in Hacksaw Gaming’s release. This is because for each new card, the game utilizes a new random deck. Therefore, multiple versions of the same card can appear during the session making counting impossible. We recommend sticking to the optimal moves that the game displays. As for guessing colors, the odds are always equal between red and black so it is 50-50 choice when you need it.

All in all, Hacksaw Gaming’s Hi-Lo is a decent game with classic rules and the additional option of picking colors. It does not have any extra features or anything special about its interface. That said, it is a reliable Hi-Lo experience that, while it does not innovate on anything, offers a quick and fun time.


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