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Hi Lo Switch
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Today we have something different for you in the form of BGaming’s Hi Lo Switch release from a few years past. It is a simple yet none the less exciting Hi Lo game with a similar feel to blackjack. The game is all about guessing whether your given cards are higher or lower than the next card dealt. Players can enjoy a smooth and user friendly interface with relaxing music.

Hi Lo Switch is played with three hands for more options to the player and as it name suggests it has the switch option. Players can switch their cards whenever they feel like they need a fresh hand. The betting range for this BGaming release is anywhere from $1 to $100. The RTP value is 96% which is much lower than a standard blackjack game but Hi Lo requires less skill to compensate. Let us dive into the details of this Hi Lo Switch review and see what BGaming has in store for us.

Game Rules & Features

The standard gameplay loop of Hi Lo Switch is quite simple. The game starts with the players bet and then three cards are dealt to the player from a three card shoe. From here the player has three options. You need to guess whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower than one of the three cards in your hand.

Above and below each of the three dealt cards is a button to make your choice. Clicking the button below a card means that you are guessing the next card will be lower, and the above button means higher. The ace is the lowest-value card and the king is the highest. Note that if the same-value card is dealt, you lose no matter what you chose.

This is the core gameplay of Hi Lo Switch. Each succesful guess will accumulate payouts in your bet total and each new payout becomes the bet for the following guess. Players can collect their winnings at any time so as not to lose them with the Collect button. In case you lose, you can start a new game by placing a new bet or clicking the Rebet button.

One more mechanic that is present is the Switch feature. At any time during making your decision, you can press the Switch button on the left to replace your hand. You start with 2 switches and each third winning round will add 1 switch. It is a great way to change a difficult situation.


Payouts in Hi Lo Switch are quite interesting in that they change based on the likelihood of your success. Your initial wager is multiplied by a lower value for a win if your guess was likely to succeed. For example, if you have a 2 and guess that the next card will be higher, you will get a smaller payout if you win. In contrast, if you have a 10, you guess Hi and the next card is a Q, you will get a much higher payout.

This means that there are numerous payout combinations and a standard payout table is not present. Each particular choice has its own separated payout based on the likelihood of winning. As we mentioned, the higher the likelihood, the lower the reward.

The round win is limited by the max table bet multiplied by 500. If the potential win is greater than the limit, Hi-Lo options will be disabled for the player.

Hi Lo Switch Strategies

Since BGaming’s Hi Lo Switch follows the standard rules, the basic Hi Lo strategy can be used. You can count cards in a similar way as with blackjack and that is much easier here with three decks then it is with 8 for example. Furthermore, note that you can collect your bet at any time. This is a good idea to utilize as losing a guess means that your whole bet is lost.

Another feature you should utilize is the Switch option. Whenever you are met with difficult choices for each of your three cards, it might be a good idea to swtich. You start with 2 switches and you get an additional one on every third win.

Overall, BGaming’s Hi Lo Switch holds up quite well even after a few years. The standard gameplay loop is quite fun and the payouts can get high with a little luck. The Switch option allows for tactical repositioning to put it that way and it is highly available especially if you chain together multiple wins. The visual interface is quite well designed and user friendly so that you can access and see each option clearly. We recommend you try the game on our free version widget and if you like it you can play for real money in our recommended BGaming casinos.

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