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Coming in from Turbo Games is another Hi-Lo release that features some unique choices such as the Same option. The game follows all the traditional Hi-Lo rules with its own visual twist. The maximum you can bet in the game is anywhere from $0.10 to $100. You can win up to $1000 with dynamic payouts that depend on the likelihood of your guess. Making riskier choices provides better pay and vice versa. The lowest card is a 2 and the highest one is the ace.

Furthermore, the RTP of the game is at 97.00% which is around the average for Hi-Lo games. There are some extra features as well like the game round history tab, he skip button, and more. Without further ado, let us check out this Hi-Lo Turbo Games review for more details.

Game Rules & Features

The basic premise of the game is the same as always. Players need to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current one. The lowest value is 2 and the highest one is an A. After placing your bet the choice is whether the next card is lower will be on the left and higher on the right.

Furthermore, whenever you draw a 2 or an A, a unique guess option of betting on “Same value” will be offered. This risky choice also rewards a high payout. In fact, the riskier the guess, the higher the payout in general. This is further boosted by chaining together correct guesses. The game features a multiplier system where winnings are not paid automatically. Instead, they are collected in a pool that you can collect at any time.

The more corrected guesses you chain together without collecting, the higher the multiplier. However, be careful as making a wrong choice at least once in the chain makes you lose your entire pool.

Players can also choose to skip cards.


For starters, players can bet anywhere between $0.10 to $100 for a chance to win the $1000 maximum payout. As for the specific situation of each bet, the payouts are dynamic. The riskier the guess the higher the payout and vice versa. There is also the additional boost of multipliers as you chain correct answers without collecting your winnings.

Overall, the RTP of the game is 97.00% which is not great but not terrible for Hi-Lo games in general.

Hi-Lo Turbo Strategies

As always, there is a choice between the optimal moves and the riskier ones for higher pay. Consider cards from 2 to 5 as low and from 6 to A as higher. The optimal strategy would be to pick Higher on low cards and Lower on high cards. Card counting is not really possible as the deck is reshuffled each draw.

All in all, the Turbo Games Hi-Lo is nothing innovative. That said, the addition of the multiplier for the different rounds and the Same value option for 2s and Aces keeps the game interesting. We would have liked to see a better RTP value than 97.00% as well. As far as Hi-Lo games go, this is a visually pleasing one with a smooth interface. We recommend trying it for free or for a bit of fun but not investing too much into it.

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