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High Limit European Blackjack
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High Limit European Blackjack
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High Limit European Blackjack

With an already substantial offer of Blackjack releases on their records, Microgaming has decided to focus on their high-rolling players this time. High Limit European Blackjack breaks the familiar concept of their previous editions and increases the lower bet limit, making this version perfect for players with a more adventurous approach to gambling.

Game Rules & Features

Following the familiar rules of the Old Continent Blackjack variant, Microgaming excluded the Surrender rule and limited the Double Down option to hard hands with totals of 9, 10 and 11. Players start with staking at least $20 on a single hand. The tabs marking their next move will activate according to the dealt pair. If you are unable to, or simply do not wish to double your stake or split the pair, you may ask for a new card or keep the existing hand and wait for the dealer to draw his cards. When the dealer's card is an Ace, insurance is offered as an option, carrying half of the stake value. Matching cards can be split, adding an extra hand with the independent bet.

Payouts & RTP

With the Max Bet of $1,000, High Limit European Blackjack has 99.52% theoretical return to the player, or 0.48% house edge. Payout odds are displayed across the table, offering 1:1 ratio for a standard hand win. Insurance and blackjack wins are paid 2:1 and 3:2, respectively. As mentioned, Microgaming sets a higher bet requirement this time, starting with a $20 chip.

Recommended Tips

Due to the minimum stake increase, players will want to dedicate some extra time to their strategy. You will definitely aim for the dealer to bust and try to reduce the risk of your own hand going over 21. Therefore, hard high value hands would not require an extra card, since here you already have a chance of beating the dealer. Split option should also be used carefully. Separating some pairs, such as Aces, increases your odds of a better hand. Splitting tens or face cards is not considered to be a good strategy.

Microgaming High Limit European Blackjack Summary

Higher stake may be a drawback for some players, but the zest that this high budget game brings to the overall experience cannot be denied. The players will be much more concentrated on the gameplay, dedicating extra time to tactics and planning their next move, which is where most of the blackjack's appeal is coming from.

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