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High Streak Blackjack
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When it comes to one of our favorite card games Blackjack, game variety is important after such a long time of playing the base game. To keep things interesting and fresh, Switch Studios introduces a new type of win streak side bet in its brand new 2022 summer title High Streak Blackjack. In addition to the base game, players will be able to compete against the dealer with the new High Streak side bet, chaining victories for amazing payouts.

Switch Studios’ High Streak Blackjack has an elegant visual setup with the new high streak bet displayed in the middle of the screen.

Additionally, Players can bet anywhere from a $1 chip up to a $500 one for a chance to win the 3900x maximum payout. High Streak Blackjack RTP is 99.60% which is slightly above average and the game sets a low variance score which is common for blackjack games. Let us take a look at the game in more detail in this High Streak Blackjack review.

Game Rules & Features

High Streak Blackjack is played out like any other Blackjack game with its own little nuances and smaller rules. First off, the game is played with 2 regular decks which is a slight variation on the usual one or four decks. As always, one card is dealt to the dealer face up with no dealer peek. The dealer must stand on both hard and soft blackjack hands that equal 17.

Secondly, the player rules are that you can double down on hard 9, 10, and 11 card values and you can split once as per the usual rules. However, the player cannot double down after splitting. When it comes to splitting, the familiar splitting ace rule is present. A split Ace and a 10-value card do not count as Blackjack, they simply count as a 21. Finally, you cannot split 10-value cards if they do not have the same face.

Keeping the basic rules in mind, by far the most crucial feature of High Streak Blackjack is its win streak side bet. Each time you bet you also have the option of using the High Streak side bet. You can side bet up to your main wager when using the High Streak option. If your main bet wins, your High Streak bet is paid out and then it progresses to the next streak that you can bet on with a higher payout.

With each new win, your High Streak bet grows up to the 5th streak where your side bet is finally returned to you. If you lose, your High Streak is canceled, but if you simply push the High Streak remains. Finally, if you split your hand, your total win amount must be greater than your total bet in order for the High Streak side bet to progress through the Streaks.


Now that you know the rules of Switch Studios’ game and are ready to play High Streak Blackjack for real money, let us analyze the payout details. The betting range in High Streak Blackjack is $1 to $500 for the opportunity to win the 3900x max payout. The slightly above average RTP of 99.60% and the low variance make the game worthwhile.

Furthermore, the main source of higher payouts in the game, besides high-stakes betting, is the High Streak side bet. As you get your first win and progress through the Streak you will notice that each streak has its own payout. Every High Streak side bet pays out increasingly higher as you keep chaining wins.

  • First Win – Entering the High Streak
  • Second Win – 2nd High Streak that pays 1:1
  • Third win – 3rd High Streak that pays 2:1
  • Fourth Win – 4th High Streak that pays 5:1
  • Fifth Win – 5th High Streak that pays 10:1

As you can see, multiple victories in a row can be quite lucrative and reward you well. Just keep in mind that for each new high streak, you will need to place an additional side bet. This makes the High Streak feature quite risky and thrilling.

Finally, players have the option of the Insurance bet which pays out in the standard 2:1 ratio. Feel free to use this feature when you feel the dealer might hit Blackjack.

High Streak Blackjack Strategies

Since the base game in High Streak Blackjack is similar to regular blackjack with slight changes, the general Blackjack strategy chart will help new players start playing the game. Advanced players may find the various card counting strategies useful as the game has 2 decks instead of the usual 4 or 8. Furthermore, the main thing to play around with in High Streak Blackjack is the win streak side bet of course.

Since the High Streak is dependent on winning multiple times in succession, multiple side bets can be quite draining for your wallet. Therefore, the amount you bet should be more conservative than your regular Blackjack betting system. This is because you will have to place a new side bet each time you win to benefit from the High Streak.

To summarize, Switch Studios’ High Streak Blackjack has introduced a new element to the regular game of blackjack. The High Streak side bet keeps the game interesting and fresh as you maneuver around the streak. Players will have to rethink their betting strategy in order to achieve stable chaining wins.

With an RTP of 99.60% and low variance, High Streak Blackjack is a worthwhile game that offers a maximum win of 3900x your original bet. Will you manage to beat the streak and achieve 5 consecutive wins with increasing payouts? If you do, High Streak Blackjack will reward you handsomely.

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