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High Streak European Blackjack
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High Streak European Blackjack
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High Streak European Blackjack

A combination of European rules with a side bet option integration, High Streak European Blackjack is one of the most challenging Microgaming launches, with an added value of a high streak betting feature. So, whenever you get that familiar feeling of being in the winning streak, the game offers an intriguing opportunity to follow up on that hunch and place an extra bet on the side.

Game Rules & Features

After placing their bets, players can select either a hit or a stand tab. Additional options, such as doubling down and split will be available depending on your hand value. With hard 9, 10 and 11 hands, a bet can be doubled, while same value cards can be divided into separate hands. Insurance stake can be placed when the dealer has an ace. This is an optional move and it is designed to insure the players against the dealer's Blackjack hand.

High streak bet is where things start to heat up. By placing an extra wager on the high streak field the player is betting on consecutive winning hands, increasing payout ratio after every successful round. Each time the player beats the dealer, the chip will move up a field, adding an extra bet. In case of a push, streaks 2 to 5 keep their positions, while main and side bets are considered to be a tie to the dealer's hand.

Payouts & RTP

Microgaming's High Streak European Blackjack comes with two payout tables, regular and high streak payment ratio. Standard gameplay calculates the payment according to 1-1, 2-1 and 3-2 odds for regular, insurance and blackjack hand wins. High streak comes with 1-1 odds for a 2nd winning streak, 2-1 for the 3rd and 5-1 for the 4th. Five won hands in a row will give the best payment ratio, cashing out 10x of the player's bet. The betting limits range from $5 to $1,000, with 99.59% return to player.

Recommended Tips

Side bets will call for a more serious approach and tactics. Since you are betting on the actual winning streak, you will want to decrease the risk of going overboard. Therefore, you should stick with the tested formula, such as splitting Aces and eights, hitting on soft and low value hands and standing on hard, higher value hands, like 16 or 17. Keep a close eye on the dealer's hand as it can direct your next move. For example, if the dealer holds a lower value card, a good strategy is to stop the hits at 12, hopping that the dealer will keep drawing and finally bust.

Microgaming High Streak European Blackjack Summary

Betting on your own luck is without a doubt an extremely exciting notion that will attract a lot of blackjack devotees, especially the ones who enjoy high stakes and large turnover. The best part is that you can always take a break from the high streak betting rush and play a regular blackjack until you feel confident enough to once again “spin the wheel of fortune”.

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