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Evolution are known for their innovative titles by now, and their Infinite Blackjack game is a perfect example. This live table blackjack game blurs the lines between RNG and live casino games in ways no other title attempted to do before.

At first sight, it seems like just another Common Draw Blackjack variation – something like NetEnt’s Blitz Blackjack. The main point of this variant of online blackjack is that an unlimited number of players can theoretically use a single table. In Common Draw Blackjack, all players share the same hand of cards but make separate decisions.

In many ways, this applies to Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack. However, it also boasts several changes that set it apart from the crowd. For starters, player hands are completely virtual. This can be very handy because you’re always clear about which cards are relevant to you and which aren’t. In other iterations of this type of blackjack, cards occasionally clutter up the screen even after you fold. Other players are making independent decisions, after all.

Moreover, Infinite Blackjack by Evolution boasts several welcome changes and unique rules.

Game Rules and Features

As you may have guessed, you don’t need to pick a table. Just select the game at your favourite online casino and you’ll be taken to Evolution’s beautiful studio. The dealer will put down cards like usual, but they quickly disappear and re-appear in virtual form.

The core rules are fairly standard – and we mean that in a good way. For one, the dealer stands on a soft 17, with usual payout rules. However, there is also an interesting rule dubbed the 6-Card Charlie. This rule states that if a player ever draws 6 cards without reaching 21, they win! In the Infinite Blackjack casino game, this beats even a dealer blackjack.

Beyond that, there are four side bets available, all of which are fairly standard. Any Pair pays if any two cards form a pair. 21+3 uses your initial draw and the dealer’s up-card to form poker hands. Hot 3 checks these initial cards for 19s, 20s, 21s, and triple 7s. Finally, Bust It wins if the dealer busts after drawing 3 or more cards.

As far as standard rules and variations go, this is a fairly player-friendly title. That said, the side bets are a bit behind the curve in terms of RTP rates.

Payouts and RTP

The main game boasts a strong RTP of 99.51%. Regular wins pay out 1:1 while Blackjack pays 3:2. Bet insurance is available and pays 2:1. The Any Pair side bet, however, is at a fairly low RTP of 92.41%. The situation is a bit better with 21+3 and its 95.38%. Hot 3 is perhaps the strongest with 96.30%, while Bust It is the worst offender with barely 90%.

All in all, the core online blackjack game remains mathematically your best option. This, however, is true for almost all blackjack games online.

However, one of the biggest advantages we’ve found in this Infinite Blackjack review are the low limits. With just $1 as the minimum bet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more accessible live blackjack table.

Recommended Tips

For all its rule changes, little is changed about the basic blackjack strategy used in Infinite Blackjack. The 6-Card Charlie is not exactly something you see every other round, so it barely affects regular gameplay. Conversely, avoiding the side bets is generally the most optimal way of doing things. That said, all 4 can be completely valid options if you know what you’re doing. Those with strong card-counting skills may especially get mileage out of the Hot 3 side bet.

Evolution Infinite Blackjack Summary

For most players, this may just be the best option for common draw blackjack out there. It’s the full package, really – excellent RTP, fun side-bets, and even a unique twist or two. Even better, it’s all wrapped up in the world-class Evolution package that has taken the world of live gaming by storm. If you want a live dealer blackjack with unlimited seats and tiny wager limits, Infinite Blackjack comes highly recommended.

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