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Yggdrasil, a well-known supplier of incredibly online slots, made waves last year when they released Sonya Blackjack. This relatively simple blackjack game attempted to blend live casino blackjack with its RTP counterpart. It was an interesting idea, though was essentially a blackjack game with a computer-generated dealer.

Sonya Blackjack didn’t stay just about Sonya, surprisingly enough. Time proved that replacing the dealer with different 3D models was feasible – and quite fun. Since the game’s release, new features were implemented allowing players to tinker with Sonya’s look and outfit. Eventually, you could even replace her with a bearded Viking.

The John Carew Blackjack game, however, goes in a different direction. Instead of cartoony computer-generated characters, Norwegian football star John Carew will be acting as your croupier. Why a football star, you might be asking? Well, John Carew Blackjack by Yggdrasil was released in collaboration with ComeOn! If you’re unfamiliar with the name, ComeOn is a brand of online casinos and sportsbooks with Nordic roots. The company is one of the market leaders in northern Europe, so we’re guessing that the choice was made to appeal to their main demographic.

Moreover, this means that Yggdrasil’s latest release will be exclusive to the ComeOn online casino. If you want to try out this game but won’t (or can’t) register with ComeOn, we suggest sticking with Sonya Blackjack. Mechanically speaking, the two games are almost identical, except for the side bets.

Game Rules and Features

Like most online blackjack games out there, John Carew Blackjack bases its rules on Vegas Strip Blackjack. This means that all the usual options for hitting, standing, splitting, and doubling are all there. You can double down on any initial hand or after splitting. Moreover, the dealer can peek for blackjack if their first card has a value of 10.

The other rules hold little surprises. The dealer must stand on a soft 17, and bet insurance is an option. However, the biggest difference this title has compared to Sonya is the lack of side bets. The game boasts none, meaning you can only play the base game of 21. From a bettor’s perspective, this isn’t really a downgrade – most blackjack side bets are generally worse than the main game. However, some players like to have the extra options, so keep that in mind before you play John Carew blackjack online.

Lastly, one of the best features of this title is that it allows for up to three players per table. This functionality was present in Sonya Blackjack as well, giving it the likeness to live dealer blackjack.

Payouts and RTP

Again, everything regarding regular payouts is what you’d expect it to be. Regular wins pay 1:1, blackjack is 3:2, and bet insurance is 2:1. The largely player-friendly set of rules contributes to the high final RTP of 99.54%. It is worth noting, however, that using bet insurance drives the RTP all the way down to 92.60%. This just goes to show that you should never use bet insurance in online blackjack games. Unless you really know what you’re doing, that is.

Lastly, John Carews blackjack uses 6 decks per shoe. Moreover, the shoe is shuffled between all rounds. If you’re planning to rely on card counting, you won’t get very far with the John Carew blackjack game.

Recommended Tips

With card counting and side bets off the table, your best course of action is to simply rely on the trusty old blackjack chart. Again, the whole ruleset and most technical aspects are fairly standard in the world of online blackjack games. On one hand, this means that it only stands out from other blackjack games in its presentation. On the flip side, that also means you can simply rely on your usual blackjack strategies to win the day.

John Carew Blackjack Summary

As our John Carew Blackjack review has shown us, this game relies on its presentation and football star power to carry it. Without these, it’s just a severely stripped-down version of Sonya Blackjack.

If sitting down in a multiplayer blackjack setting and playing a hand of 21 with John Carew appeals to you, it’s still a well-crafted product. If not, you can simply enjoy Yggdrasil’s flagship online blackjack game.

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