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NetEnt’s recent addition to their expansive selection of online blackjack titles is an interesting one. First of all, this is a live blackjack casino game, which means gameplay is dictated by a live stream. While this has become the primary way to play blackjack online among a lot of fans recently, there are downsides.

First of all, table seats are usually limited. Secondly, since there is only 1 dealer, the betting operator spends a lot of resources on a single player – relatively speaking. In effect, this often means that live casino blackjack has to have higher minimum wager limits. Over the years, though, people came up with ideas to negate these drawbacks – or at least circumvent them.

And thus, Common Draw Blackjack was born. Live Blitz Blackjack by NetEnt is not the only such blackjack variation, mind you. It is one of the better on the market right now, though.

Game Rules and Features

First of all, what is Common Draw Blackjack?

It’s a variant of live table blackjack in which all players share a single hand. The dealer will do their thing as with all live dealer blackjack with a single hand. However, each player has the chance to individually make decisions. For instance, if you decide to stand, other players may choose to hit instead. Your bet will be evaluated as if you stood where you did, regardless of what happened after that.

The best part about this is that you can always play, regardless of available table seats. Additionally, NetEnt Live Blitz Blackjack boasts a minimum bet of €1. Most live blackjack games don’t go below €5, so this is great news for players on a budget. Moreover, the pace of the game is quite fast compared to most other such titles.

Besides that, this is pretty much your standard 8-deck game of 21. The dealer must stand on a soft 17, and players are allowed to double down on the first 2 cards. However, the dealer also takes their upcard after the players have received theirs.

As far as the side bets go, you can enjoy Perfect Pairs or 21+3. These are some of the most common blackjack side bets online, so most experienced players should be familiar with them. Essentially, Perfect Pairs is all about predicting that the initial cards will form a pair. 21+3 uses these cards and the dealer’s upcard to form poker hands.

Payouts and RTP

All of the payouts are pretty much industry standard. A regular win pays 1:1, Blackjack pays 3:2. And insurance pays 2:1. Combined with all of the other rules, this makes for a fairly decent (though slightly below average) RTP rate of 99.50%.

However, the side bets are comparatively a bit worse than the main game.  21+3 have an RTP of 93.71%, while Perfect Pairs are a bit stronger with 94.21%.

The wide limit range of 1-100$ should be more than enough for most gamers. Still, it’s on the lower side of things, and low-betting players are the target audience for Live Blitz Blackjack.

Recommended Tips

If you read this NetEnt Live Blitz Blackjack review, you should know that these are standard blackjack rules. Despite the unusual format, there aren’t many extra rules or special features to worry about here. As such, being good at blackjack is all you’ll need.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. If you need help stepping your game up, you can refer to our blackjack strategy guide page. Additionally, our blackjack blog often features advice and tips to win blackjack.

NetEnt Live Blitz Blackjack Summary

Overall, this release doesn’t hold too many surprises. If you like live casino blackjack, are in a hurry, or have a limited budget, its features fit the bill perfectly. Beyond that, it’s overall a well-crafted casino game from a respected world-class developer. Live Blitz Blackjack is perfect if you’re good with the idea of Common Draw Blackjack and want a quality version.

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