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For all the benefits of live dealer blackjack, it also has some issues. The fact that the number of players per table is limited is just one of these. Several variations have been invented over the years to address this, such as common draw or blitz blackjack.

However, industry giants Playtech didn’t stop there. They also came up with this, probably the best example of Majority Rules Blackjack. We’ll cover how to play Majority Rules Speed Blackjack as part of this review, but we still recommend you check out this post before reading further.

Game Rules and Features

Majority Rules Blackjack is a variant in which all major decisions are made by vote. As a baseline, the game is functionally similar to any other live blackjack game. However, as soon as you click on the table, you’ll notice there are no seats. That’s one of the major benefits of this online blackjack variant – it can support an unlimited number of players.

The idea is simple. The usual choices, such as hit, stand, double, and split can’t just be made. Instead, whenever it’s time to make a decision, it’s deferred to a vote. All players who bought into the hand get a say as to what to do next. The minimum buy-in is set at €1, while the max generally depends on the online casino in question.

Note that each decision will need at least 50% of all players to vote for it. If no options gather 50% or if there are fewer than 3 players available, the choice is made automatically. Playtech claims automatic choices are made according to best blackjack strategies. Hitting and standing generally follow strategy charts as well.

Whatever advantages and disadvantages this system may have should be apparent. On one hand, co-operating with other players is one of the major charms of live table blackjack. However, a lot of players don’t like having their control limited. In essence, the Playtech Majority Rules Speed Blackjack game is solid and well-crafted, but definitely not for everyone.

Payouts and RTP

Underneath the unique mechanics, though, lies a fairly straightforward blackjack game. Experienced blackjack players probably know these numbers by heart my now. Still, this wouldn’t be much of a Majority Rules Speed Blackjack review if we didn’t go through them.

Regular wins pay even odds while blackjack pays 3:2. The dealer has to stand on a soft 17, which is also fairly standard. Bet insurance pays at 2:1. This all combines into a classic blackjack RTP rate of approximately 99.53%, assuming you’re playing well.

Surprisingly, this game also boasts 2 side games, both of which are fairly common. These are Player Pairs and 21+3. The former is about predicting that the initial 2 cards will form a pair. The latter uses these cards and the dealer’s up-card to form poker hands. These two boast RTP rates of 95.90%. and 96.30%. respectively.

Recommended Tips

The main mark of majority rules blackjack is that you need good “teammates” for the best results. Ultimately, this is down to luck (unless you co-ordinate with your friends and play at the same time, for instance.) If the other players at the table know what they’re doing, they can ensure great results even for inexperienced players.

On the flip side, a table full of players who just make random decisions can quickly ruin your prospects.

In our experience, the automatic Best Strategy in Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is quite solid. The decisions make sense most of the time. That said, they don’t make up for the circumstances. For example, if you know the basics of card counting in blackjack, you’re sure to get better results.


As previously stated, this game is a unique experience, but not without drawbacks. If the idea of deferring your decisions to a popular vote or pre-set strategies doesn’t appeal to you, give this game a wide berth. On the other hand, players with a limited bankroll or little experience can get a lot out of such systems.

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