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Multi Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack
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Multi Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack
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There are a lot of different types of blackjack games online and they are usually played with a single hand and deck. Though this is the traditional way to play the game, what if you had more options?

Switch Studios, a partner of Games Global (previously Microgaming), brings us Multi Hand Vegas Strip. This is an innovative blackjack game with the feature of using up to five different hands for your bets. With standardized Vegas rules and four decks, this multi-hand variation on the classic blackjack rule set allows the player additional ways to strategize.

Game Rules & Features

With this exciting new five-hand blackjack addition, the object of Multi Hand Vegas Strip by Switch Studios remains the same. Like every blackjack game, the goal is to use the opening two cards you are dealt, or more if need be, to reach the 21 sum without going over it. Of course, this can be done with the initial cards or while competing against the dealer during the round to see who is closer.

The added benefit of this Switch Studios release is that you have five chances to do so instead of just one. Remember that with the multi-hand system, you will also have to place multiple bets for each hand. This requires more investments, but also potentially yields more opportunities for rewards.

Some important notes of the ruleset include that the dealer always “peeks” on 10 value cards and aces, as well as having to “stand” on all 17s. As opposed to some tables, the player is allowed to double down on any two cards and even double down after splitting. Furthermore, three instances of splitting are allowed in order to make 4 hands. This means that the player can potentially control a whopping twenty hands at once. Keep in mind that Multi Hand Vegas Strip only allows the splitting of aces once. In such occurrences, if the split ace is accompanied by a 10, it would count as 21 but not a Blackjack.

Finally, we have the familiar rule of cards over 10 counting as that exact value. This interplays with the aforementioned splitting mechanic where any cards with a value of 10 can be split together.


Now that you are familiar with the ruleset and are in control of your five hands, let’s look at the statistics for winnings. The Blackjack payout in Multi Hand Vegas Strip by Switch Studios is 3:2 with the option of 2:1 insurance bets. These are a great way to protect your assets when the dealer draws an ace. Furthermore, the maximum amount that you can win is $16.000. Taking into account the average RTP of 99.68% and the very low volatility of the game, the player has an option for low, but frequent winnings. And don’t worry, any site malfunctions will immediately cancel out any wagers in order to protect the player.

Multi Hand Vegas Strip Strategies

Blackjack is most of the time a skill-based game. Many strategies can be learned for the player to gain an advantage over the dealer. The best way to start is by reviewing the blackjack strategy spreadsheet which details the most optimal moves for any card combination. Though this is not a guaranteed way of winning, it is a great way to start learning.

Additionally, for more experienced players, the option of counting cards can be crucial in online blackjack games. This will increase your ability to predict whether higher or lower value cards are coming up, thus making your decisions accordingly.

All in all, this new innovative addition to the blackjack game collection by Switch Studios is a must-try. The 5-hand system allows for much more options when it comes to blackjack solo play. The player is given a wider room for error and a higher potential to win. Taking this into account, Multi Hand Vegas is definitely worth your time and you can play it for free on this page.

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