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ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo

Pragmatic Play is back yet again with its unparalleled approach to visuals in live gaming. Last year, players witnessed the launch of the mesmerizing ONE Blackjack broadcast from Pragmatic’s brand-new Chroma studio. Before 2021 ends, the famous casino software developer is coming up with another phenomenal live dealer release. ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo is the sibling of the original ONE Blackjack. Picking up where its ancestor left off, the Indigo Blackjack variant takes place in a purple-gold Chroma studio. Aiming to hit fifty shades of blue, Pragmatic Play seems to be on a great track.

The concept behind ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo is simple. The game follows standard blackjack rules seen in most Twenty-One live games. Additionally, Pragmatic takes pride in integrating the Six Card Charlie rule, but more about it later in the review. The state-of-the-art studio hosts the gorgeous, advanced casino game with multiple 4K cameras. Read our ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo review to learn how to play and win real money.

Game Rules and Features

Just like its ancestor, ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo follows the familiar Vegas Strip rules. In other words, players play against the house by sitting at an unlimited-seat table. The dealer draws cards for him or herself and each player respectively. The goal of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Having a total exceeding 21 in blackjack is called busting, which is to be avoided. If you bust, you lose automatically.

The ways to get to the game’s objective include hitting, standing, and doubling down. In translation, when dealt your initial cards, you may ask for another or reject additional cards. Depending on your score, you may have to make a strategic decision. In this case, it’s a great idea to use the optimal blackjack strategy, also known as the perfect basic strategy. Here are the best blackjack charts for you to learn how to win. After mastering the basic strategy, you may move on to more advanced techniques, such as counting cards, for example.

An interesting feature in ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo is the 6-Card Charlie rule. Thanks to this rule, if you draw six cards and don’t bust, you’re an automatic winner. The likelihood of auto-winning at blackjack is not high, only every 400 hands. However, as it is possible, Pragmatic Play is making use of it. Therefore, ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo is one of the rare games that let you win automatically if you have a six-card hand.

Payouts and RTP

As a fairly traditional live dealer game, ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo has great payouts. Blackjack and natural pay 3:2. The croupier must draw until 16 and stand on all 17s. Every 6-card hand is an auto-win with a 3-to-2 payout. As Pragmatic features the Crazy 7 rule, too, the maximum jackpot in ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo is 2,000x your bet.

The betting range goes from $1 to $5,000 per round, and the betting time is around 20 seconds.

The optimal theoretical RTP (return to player) is 99.28%, leaving just 0.72% to the house advantage. ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo is a multi-player game with player-friendly rules and playing conditions.

Here are the four side bets available in ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo:

  1. Crazy 7
  2. Bust Bonus
  3. 21 + 3
  4. Perfect Pairs

Combining these with an already dynamic base game results in huge wins and endless fun. The Auto-Stand feature is also at your disposal. Use the handy user interface to follow your stats and make wise decisions as the game proceeds.

Recommended Tips

First off, the most pivotal step in playing any blackjack game is mastering the basic strategy first. Anyone who tells you otherwise is straight-up lying. The basic strategy was developed ages ago and has made millions of blackjack players rich over the decades. So, to start on a good foot, learn the basic strategy for ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo above all.

But if you’re a seasoned gambler already, we suggest testing the card counting waters. This high-street blackjack tactic allows manipulating the card shoe and turning it in your favor.

Learn how to count cards in blackjack online in no time!

Other ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo-specific pieces of advice we have is to rely on the Six Card Charlie. The special rule helps the lucky ones at the table win automatically if they have a 6-card bust-free hand.

Importantly, ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo is playable on desktop and mobile thanks to HTML5. The tables are available around the clock (24/7), and each features a useful live chat facility. Lastly, play at our recommended Pragmatic Play casinos for the ultimate live gaming experience.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo review so far. We recommend this Pragmatic Play live dealer game as one of the most visually appealing out there. Not only does it boast straightforward rules, but it also accepts the Six-Card Charlie, which not many others do. Considering the market’s offering right now, ONE Blackjack 2 Indigo will be the only ONE you’ll want to play.

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